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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Virgo


Venus in Virgo brings some rationality into the realm of emotions. These people choose their partners fastidiously and critically. Any little thing might lead to a negative attitude and rejection. Love life is the source of the biggest disappointments and emotional issues for them. Qualities imposed on them by Venus and unknown to them before such as willingness to make a sacrifice, unselfishness, sincerity confuse them greatly once they fall in love and lead to an internal conflict and eventually, disappointment. All they can afford without damaging their mental state are short, carefully planned flings. They need these for emotional release. 

The planet personified balance In this case, it’s manifested in the form of special attention to details. Every little thing must have its place, otherwise, harmony shatters. This kind of attitude leads to stringency and nitpickery. Cleanness and saving are the main values.

Venus in the House of Virgo provides people with a powerful sex drive. The natives are prone to stable, down-to-earth feelings. To start the game of love, they need to evaluate the situation as rationally as possible. The planet is quite weak in Virgo, so there might not be any vivid emotional gestures. If they do take place, they are always followed by the voice of reason. These people are prone to lengthy self-reflection on the subject of their sexuality. 

More often than not they agree to a marriage of convenience. They might not even realize this, but they always assess all nuances and make conclusions in advance. Their partner must match their high standards and be highly intelligent. Down-to-earth, skeptical, and rational candidates have the best chances of winning their hearts.

Exalted Venus in Virgo in the natal chart is related to the sense of duty. It makes people experience sympathy and compassion for the weak and the sick. In the case of negative aspects, there can be a desire to live at someone else’s expense and abuse someone else’s attachment.

They often underrate their attractiveness because they don’t believe they can be desirable.

Venus in Virgo women pay special attention to their hygiene and the cleanness of their home. They are thrifty and sometimes don’t mind being a kept mistress for a rich man who’s happy to provide them with everything they need. Quite often, they torture themselves with a false sense of their unattractiveness and this makes them suspicious of compliments and other signs of admiration. First sexual experience plays a significant role in their life. It affects subsequent intimate relationships. 

Venus in Virgo men often choose the role of a gigolo. Strict moral standards and desire for using women for financial advantage combine in their personality in a peculiar way. They are rarely capable of strong, all-consuming feelings and prefer platonic relationships. Women who are too proactive scare them off. A modest, somewhat insecure woman they can care about would be a perfect partner. As parents, they are usually strict and demanding.


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