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Moon in Gemini


Moon in Gemini presents its natives with a lively mind and the ability to quickly switch from one subject to another. These people are inventive, proactive, and friendly. They are sociable, have a great sense of humor, light-hearted. They understand others well thanks to their ability to penetrate other people’s feelings and thoughts.

Furthermore, they are great at collecting and sharing information and sometimes surprise others with their knowledge of so many various things. At a high spiritual level, they become the conductors of cosmic energy and universal wisdom.

People with Moon in Gemini in the natal chart are fickle and change easily. Their mood can change a few times within an hour. Just like butterflies, they flutter from one place to another and never stay in one place for too long. They attach great importance to sex. They are not always faithful to their partners because they try to experience as many things in life as possible. When it comes to romantic relationships, they are superficial and light-hearted and look for similar partners. They don’t like going too deep into the realm of feelings and emotions. In general, they aren't too emotional themselves. Quite often, they replace feelings with rational thinking. 

These people are talkative and sometimes obtrusive and tiresome. They need to exchange news with others all the time. They are fast responders and are quick off the mark. The Moon bestows them with the talent to easily adapt to new circumstances. Sometimes, they are fussy and restless and ready to start working on several tasks at once. However, they don’t always complete all of them. They often feel like moving places whether it’s about a place to live or work. 

They prefer to talk to people they can entrust with the innermost thoughts. They avoid secretive people who don’t talk much. These people enjoy intellectual competition and don’t mind showing off their knowledge. They are proud of their wide social circle where everybody loves them thanks to their cheerful and carefree character.

Moon in Gemini women are somewhat infantile. They are in no hurry to grow up and look at the world around them with childish naïveté. All they need is as many emotions and experiences as they can get. Stability and thoroughness are foreign words to them. Even when they get married, they stay faithful to their habits and will continue to pursue their hobbies, travel, and spend time with their friends. They are quick to include their spouse’s friends and relatives in their social circle. These ladies always try to bring as much joy and versatility to their family life as possible. They are great at organizing holidays and fun trips and make sure their children get a well-rounded education. To win over a woman like this, one has to become a source of valuable information, be lighthearted and not tire them with serious ideas and boring conversations. 

Moon in Gemini men find it very easy to start relationships with women they like. They are knowledgeable, cheerful, easy-going, and have a great sense of humor. Sometimes, they can't stay faithful for a long time when new feelings and experiences carry them away. Sometimes, they have relationships with several women at once. But if they are lucky enough to meet their perfect woman, they will remain faithful and will do all they can to make it work.

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