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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Aries


Mercury in Aries grants ingenuity and acumen, quick thinking, and passionate speech. Under the planet’s influence, people become impulsive, restless, fidgety. Ideas come to their mind out of nowhere and possess them. Impulsive thinking is one of the main traits attributed to the planet’s influence.

A person like this can process a huge amount of information in a short time and make the right conclusions. They are in the habit of acting immediately, they lack consistency. This is why they often experience a shortage of thought energy. Periods of peak activity get replaced by apathy that sometimes devolves into depression.

Mercury in Aries often weaves the propensity for polarized, categorical estimates into one’s character. There are no halftones; everything is black and white. When possessed with an idea, they will passionately defend it without trying to look at things from a different perspective.

There is a distinct proclivity for gambling and various reckless schemes.

The planet also bestows creative activity. At times of inspiration, one gets many ideas at once which makes organizing them difficult. At times like this, their speech is heated and incoherent. They try to get people engaged in their ideas. Sometimes, a discussion turns into an argument, and they display a fighting spirit, irony, and drive for leadership.

Mercury retrograde in Aries prevents you from listening to what they say. Mercury in retrograde makes you ridicule yourself and your failures while devaluing your accomplishments.

It also makes you unwilling to compromise. People find it hard to be around such an unflinching and stubborn person who tolerates no dissent. Any attempt to disagree makes them prove they are in the right.

Mercury in Aries in the natal chart takes one of the strongest positions. It stimulates intellectual abilities and prompts self-expression through communication and creativity. Supported by the fire element, it inspires a native and makes them process great amounts of information and generate brilliant, witty ideas. A flip side to this influence is frequent carelessness with words and actions. Sometimes, they act on a passionate impulse first and think of consequences later. This can get them in trouble and make their life much harder.

Mercury in Aries men are born and capable leaders. Bending to someone’s will is unacceptable for them. They feel suffocated at lower positions with multiple managers over them. They start to fail to comply and instigate conflicts. Mercury in Aries often makes men reckless and prone to extremes. They love fast driving, but it might cause accidents and injuries. It’s recommended that these men school themselves to patience and discretion.

Mercury in Aries women are straightforward and sometimes harsh. It might cause issues in relationships with men. People around them prefer not to get into arguments with these women. When irate, they can use words to hurt others without thinking of the impression their words make. Mercury in Aries makes women arrogant and haughty. They can only be attracted to people who are on the same level as them intellectually. Those who don’t care about sentimental things and strive for high standards.

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