Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio


Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart makes people suspicious and critical. They are sarcastic and highly intelligent. They are quick on the uptake and can immediately navigate through any information and find weaknesses in any theory. After this, their sharp tongue takes the stage.

These people are more often in a good mood than bad. With their desire to criticize everything, they’ll bring to light everything that’s wrong with the world and condemn it scathingly during one of their monologues. Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart provides the natives with the interest for mysticism and everything supernatural and unusual. As they discuss these aspects, they show they can be observant, thorough explorers. They notice what’s hidden from others.

It’s easy for them to get a reputation as true intellectuals without investing any effort. Even though they have a natural talent for STEM disciplines, it’s hard for them to memorize dull facts. At the same time, they easily learn something interesting and fun. It takes them a long time to digest the information they get. Sometimes it would seem that nothing really happens as their face doesn’t betray any deep thinking. But after a time, the right idea appears seemingly out of nowhere. Mercury in Scorpio natives have strong intuition.

While learning, they prefer getting knowledge from teachers and not by reading books or listening to lectures. It’s important to them to have this active contact with a teacher and ensure knowledge continuity. There are many scientists and discoverers among them.

Sometimes, they can be aggressive and easy to offend. However, this is offset by their devotion and loyalty towards their friends, as well as their love for beauty in all its forms and unwavering assertion of justice. At times, they are hard to get along with. But if someone proves they deserve their trust, their relationship will be strong and long-lasting. They love knowing as much as possible about the people around them but are never too hasty to share their plans with others and prefer to act quietly. In case of negative aspects, they might display love for intrigues, schemes, and proneness to suspicion. Their emotions always stand in the way of the health assessment of their actions.

Mercury in Scorpio women are true Amazons, resolute and belligerent. They are always ready to launch a verbal attack to stand for justice. They will never retreat or give up on their friends. If there is an appealing objective before them, they will work hard to accomplish it. A weakened Mercury will give birth to pessimism and melancholy. In the case of great ambitions, these women might start questioning their abilities and will be afraid to move forward. This would cause them to lash out at others. Mystical practices can get rid of the negative influence of the weekend planet.

Mercury in Scorpio men can stay focused even in stressful situations while normally they might seem mysterious and somewhat absent-minded. They can calculate every step they make. Even if they have nothing to do with the military, they love guns. In case of negative aspects, they can even engage in criminal activity. In the case of positive aspects, on the other hand, they might make great investigators or first responders. A gorgeous sexy lady will definitely catch their attention. If there’s not enough sex in a relationship, they lose interest.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio makes people secretive and suspicious. The slightest mockery or the most innocent joke will be taken personally, and they will fret over it a great deal. This might be the reason to break every connection with those they see as offenders. It’s recommended to learn to be more open-minded and keep your suspicious nature at bay.

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