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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Leo


Venus in Leo endows people with truly royal qualities. They are convinced they were born for glory and fame. At the same time, they are generous, tasteful, and gracious. Appearances are extremely important to them. They love beautiful expensive things and always choose the best for themselves, whether it’s a car, a home, or a school for themselves and their children.

They stand out among others thanks to their regal manners and overall image, as well as vivid charisma. Making good use of Venus' influence, they achieve great success in life because they are always confident in their abilities. They feel like high society is the place to be and easily establish useful connections among the elite.

Venus in the House of Leo makes people passionate and faithful. However, feelings will be lasting only if they can admire their partner. To win them over, one has to have a vivid personality, be able to present themselves in society, and constantly surprise them. They choose the best for their partners acting on the “all or nothing” principle. They can’t stand self-serving behavior and pettiness in a relationship. After all, they want to worship their partners and ask for the same in return. For them, life without love, admiration, and attention for their person are pointless.

They often show their feelings off and make it look eccentric. They enjoy playing to the public and love generous gestures. They can get inspired by some drama in their life because it’s always a great reason to prove themselves. They enjoy flattery too and try to emphasize their superiority over others as much as they can. As children, they feel hurt and offended when they get secondary roles. They feel they must be the first in everything from a young age.

Great aesthetes, they appreciate everything beautiful. Venus in Leo in the natal chart under a favorable aspect makes the natives attractive, graceful, and eloquent. They often become patrons and mentors for other people and defend the weak. Even their enemies can count on generous treatment; they aren’t the ones to deal the final blow.

They often think that the world revolves around them. To ensure balanced growth, they will have to keep their vanity under control and make sure their pride doesn’t take over and turn them into vain fame chasers. It’s recommended to do sports where they can show their superiority.

Venus in Leo women are regally beautiful. They have regular features, a proud posture, and a thick mane of luxurious hair. However, their passion for dinner parties and exquisite foods can lead to weight gain and loss of former beauty later in life. Their feminine appearance combines with a firm character. Sometimes, they lack tactfulness and gentleness. The planet provides these ladies with the desire to achieve success in various areas of life. They refuse to be inferior to men in this aspect. A brilliant leader or a quiet homebody capable of taking care of all the household issues would be a perfect partner for them.

Venus in Leo men are artistic, sophisticated, and prone to outrageous behavior. They want to find a partner who completely matches their image of a perfect woman. They are willing to become a sculptor and create a masterpiece with their own hands. When they fail at that, they leave their partner and switch their attention to a more malleable candidate. They love being in the spotlight, going to museums and theaters. A woman who is as striking as he is will win their heart.

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