Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Leo


Moon in Leo provides people with pronounced leadership qualities. People like this are influential, artistic, and feel at home in any company. They stand out thanks to their impeccable looks, stylish outfits, and hairstyles. People appreciate them and need them. They know how to behave and how to present themselves in various situations, and they are convinced they deserve the best.

People like this are very resolute. They don’t tend to hesitate and drag their feet for a long time. They are confident about tomorrow. They often need an audience and when they get one, they thrive. These people enjoy being in the spotlight. They are quick to anger but thanks to their natural generosity, they quickly forgive and forget. 

Moon in Leo in the natal chart makes them choose partners who are just as striking and brilliant as they are. They want to admire their partners and to see others admire them too. They are more than willing to shower the objects of their admiration with gifts and attention. Sometimes they give in to emotions and lose the ability to think rationally which might negatively affect their choice of a partner. 

In the case of negative aspects, they can be selfish and pompous and try to bend others to their will. They can oppress others with the power of their authority. Sometimes they tend to dramatize things a bit too much to make others sympathize with them.

They are picky about all things, especially when it comes to food. If they have a choice, they’ll ignore simpler foods with low-quality ingredients. 

Their main traits are love for fame and recognition, pride, self-confidence, generosity, compassion for the weak, and desire to take care of people. They love the Bohemian lifestyle and feel the need to self-express through art. They also need regular physical exercise.

Moon in Leo women love all things luxury and high living. They furnish their homes with exquisite pieces, choose fashionable things and take good care of the way they look and their manners. They love throwing parties and invite people to their homes. Their children are their pride and joy. They invest a lot of energy and funds in their education. One can win them over by constantly showing their interest, showering them with compliments, and admiring their many talents.

Moon in Leo men take the choice of their life partner extremely seriously. As a rule, they are looking for a woman who is truly regal, a stunning socialite they won’t be able to take their eyes off of.  Her manners must be flawless and her features refined. With a woman like this, they’ll feel like kings too. They’ll make them show their best qualities: generosity and desire to protect and shield their beloved woman from all troubles.


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