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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Virgo


Moon in Virgo makes people nitpicky, scrupulous, pedantic, and sober-minded. They often don’t see the full picture but focus on separate details. However, this allows them to process these details with surprising thoroughness. They have the mind of a detective.

Their sense of duty is very strong. Sometimes they feel like a cog in a bigger mechanism, and they do all they can not let down anyone who is a part of this mechanism. They tend to be precise and well-adjusted at work. 

These people possess a practical mind and talent for commerce. Calculating and looking for personal gains, they are also friendly and help others. This help isn’t only about what they do but also about the information they share. Having a wealth of knowledge and ability to work with numbers and facts, they gladly offer advice and recommendations and help to solve complex issues.

They love peaceful family life. Even though they are sometimes frugal and reserved when it comes to the opposite sex, they are afraid of drowning in the ocean of feelings.

People with Moon in Virgo in the natal chart are often modest and shy. The ability to see every detail and analyze them makes them great advisors who have a lot of influence but prefer to stay behind the scenes.

They love cleanness and treat their hygiene responsibly. They can also be quite squeamish. In extreme cases, this leads to excessive strictness. This pushes people away and makes the natives dissatisfied. They might get the feeling that everything around them is wrong. In this case, their response is fault-finding, grumbling, nervousness. And all this pushes others even further away.

Moon in Virgo women are great homemakers and caring mothers. They take good care of their family’s health and well-being. You won’t be able to find expired foods in their fridge. More often than not, there’s not a fleck of dust in their home. At the same time, they are not overly focused on household matters. They can rationally organize them by using modern technology. They dedicate their free time to personal growth, reading, and talking to children.

Moon in Virgo men are extremely critical. They are picky and thorough when it comes to choosing a partner. There’s a whole system of assessing the qualities of their potential partner and this system is often out of touch with reality. They look for a serious, very careful, responsible, and smart woman. The main qualities they want to see in candidates are common sense and logic in thinking and actions. She must be a great housewife, thrifty and no-nonsense. Someone who will make their home look like it’s in perfect order.


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