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Venus in Gemini


Venus in Gemini makes people light-hearted and fickle. They are constantly seeking new relationships because they need new emotional experiences and crave to bring novelty into the sensual side of love. This leads to multiple short flings. They can feel attracted to any suitable person that’s currently within sight. They rarely develop strong attachments and just enjoy being conductors for fleeting emotions without any strings attached. They are attracted to light-hearted, easy-going people. Sometimes, they might have multiple lovers at a time.

Those who have Venus in Gemini in the natal chart put communication first. It’s communication that stimulated their emotional development early in life. If there was no possibility to keep in touch with their peers, they would become emotionally estranged and restrained.

This planetary position gives people the desire to discuss love life, feelings, and relationships. They can be idle conversations or some serious analysis. This kind of conversation is their favorite way to relax.

Venus in the House of Gemini enhances the attraction to highly intelligent people with lovely character. Sometimes, they prefer thinking capability to physical attractiveness. The stronger their interest in their partner, the more intensely erotic they get.

These people might get married multiple times. Later in life, men might leave their wives for a younger woman. They often choose occupations related to art, write poems, create music, and take part in various classes and seminars. These people really need their creative freedom and the freedom to move around. They try to experience as many things as possible. Often they strike people as having deep knowledge on various subjects. While being well-rounded and charming, they are unable to take someone other’s troubles seriously.

Venus in Gemini women are flirtatious no matter their age and marital status. They love being the center of attention and enjoy receiving compliments. However, later in life, their attachments are more of an intellectual than intimate kind. The planet almost completely deprives these women of any thriftiness or ability to be an efficient housekeeper. On the other hand, they maintain good looks until old age, love the Bohemian lifestyle, and keep up with the times when it comes to fashion. They want a light-hearted and cheerful partner they can talk to about everything.

Venus in Gemini men are witty and charmingly easy-going. Sometimes, they can’t hide the coldness behind multiple compliments and smiles. One of their main source of entertainment is frequent mood swings and watching how people around them react to it. They rarely fall in love in earnest and are generally quite calculating. A self-sufficient, unpredictable woman can win their heart.

Venus retrograde in Gemini makes people relive their memories over and over again. This sometimes pushes them to renew old relationships that have long run their course. Quite often, they feel the need to contact and meet a former partner. Romantic scenes from the past pop up in their mind, and they often confuse them with reality.

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