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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Libra


Mercury in Libra provides people with spacious minds, gentle, compliant nature, a talent for diplomacy, a desire to settle conflicts, and devotion to their family. People with Mercury in Libra in the natal chart are sophisticated thinkers. They are aesthetes that look for harmony and finality in any logical construct. They don’t tend to make rash decisions and never force their way to their goals. They prefer slow-paced, well-thought-out actions. At the same time, they are always sure about their choices.

These people often display the tendency to protect the weak. They are born defenders and possess a surprising talent for reconciling any belligerent parties to each other. In a conversation, they avoid any words and statements that can provoke a conflict and choose words carefully to avoid any value judgments. More often than not, they care about what others think. However, this doesn’t come from a place of low confidence but to make communication more efficient. On the outside, they are always calm and composed. But their steady gaze always betrays uncrushable will. Their desire to smooth things over and avoid conflicts isn’t a sign of a weak character. They are self-confident and know that they can find peaceful methods of managing opponents.

Some specific traits these people possess are self-control, diligence, patience, self-discipline, the ability to keep a balance between dreams and reality, and the desire to right all wrongs. Environments prone to arguments and squabble negatively affect their thinking, so they try to avoid them. They try to be around like-minded people as much as possible. In that case, their talent for art, management, and design can grow and bring great results.

Mercury in Libra women are diligent and tactful. Full of interesting ideas, they often hesitate to bring them to life because they are afraid of hurting or inconveniencing someone. Sometimes, they find it hard to make a career, and they often miss the opportunities they are given. Diplomatic by nature, they can settle any conflict even though it makes them feel mental fatigue and emotional exhaustion. Their talents thrive when there are highly spiritual, educated people around them. In family life, they tend to make obedient partners.

Mercury in Libra men are diplomatic and capable of dictating their terms by gentle methods. Men like this are firm of character and hard to sway. However, when presented with a decent alternative, they are willing to compromise. A weakened Mercury will sometimes make them resort to deception and insincerity. They do their best to please others while expressing not their true opinions but those that they deem most acceptable. This hypocrisy of the weakened Mercury is especially pronounced in relationships with women. In this case, their compliments will be insincere and contrived.

Mercury retrograde in Libra gives people hypochondria and makes them overly careful about the feelings of others. They often take great care when choosing words in a conversation and when it’s over, keep fretting about whether their words were understood correctly. They would even give them another call just to make sure. The recommendation is to strengthen your confidence and get rid of the desire to go into self-analysis.

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