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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Aries


Venus in Aries manifests itself in a somewhat unusual way: through the pursuance of passions, unconditional leadership, and the desire to conquer and dominate. People under its influence can become intolerant, straightforward to the point of being rude, and impatient. They are easy to spot thanks to their bold, sometimes provocative manners, impulsive gesturing, and poorly hidden defiance. They are bad at being sweet and polite. Their suppressed aggression needs to find a way out.

They don’t like losing. Venus in Aries pushes them to win whatever it takes. In the case of low self-control, they don’t hesitate to use deceit, humiliate others, and disregard moral standards. Only their own opinion is valuable in their eyes. They don’t fret about breakups. Being highly irritable, they tend to be aggressive and belligerent.

However, their aggressive behavior is constrained by standards of morality and education. As they display aggression, boldness, and other negative traits they face the wall of wariness and estrangement. This might hurt them badly and make them reevaluate their attitude. They try to control their emotional outbursts and suppress their negative feelings. As a result, they can fall victim to depression.

Venus in Aries in the natal chart is exiled, which is why the natives don’t accept the traditional principles of the planet. Forgiveness, leniency, ability to compromise are signs of weakness to them. Sometimes, they engage in aggressive sports that allow them to unwind.

They show interest in sex at an early age. When they fall in love, they pursue their object of admiration using all means available, from romantic courtship to stalking. Once they make sure that their feelings are not reciprocated, they easily switch to another romantic interest. However, they rarely face rejection because they can make others love them.

Venus in Aries women are aggressive, strive to prove their significance, and display a great deal of initiative when it comes to love life. They have a massive energy potential. This allows them to achieve a high social status and make big money. However, this energy tears them up from within. To find a release for it, it’s recommended to engage in sports, dancing, acting. Ladies like this find their happiness with an adventurous man or someone who is down to earth and obedient.

Venus in Aries men like to rush off into the whirlpool of adrenaline buzz they love so much. More often than not, tender romantic relationships aren’t for them. In a relationship, they like to dominate, to exchange sarcastic comments, which they find exciting. Usually, these men avoid dating pampered, languid women. They would rather prefer proactive physically fit ladies.

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