Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Libra


Moon in Libra gives birth to diplomatic, peace-loving people who strive for harmony in all things. They rarely fall into extremes and always try to find a happy medium and reconcile opponents to each other. They try to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings as much as they can. They are even prepared to compromise and sacrifice their interests for the sake of establishing a peaceful environment. If they see that all their efforts are useless and an argument is about to start, they try to vanish out of sight and not take any part in it.

They easily make friends, they are easy-going and sociable and love spending their time in good company. These people are courteous and romantic and happily spend their time with people of the opposite sex. At the same time, they are not too passionate when it comes to romantic relationships.

Sometimes, they are too carefree and flippant. They tend to procrastinate, but this doesn’t generate a lot of issues. They might seem as unreliable and fickle and prone to snobbery. But those who have a chance to know them better understand how many amazing qualities they’ve got. They rarely resort to criticism and sometimes feel awkward when people around them gossip about others. They are honest and sincere both in personal and business relationships.

Moon in Libra in the natal chart provides its natives with love for beauty in all its shapes and forms. They are drawn to beautiful things and harmony. Quite often, they also display a talent for art. They can achieve success in art, literature, or theater.

Their physical health largely depends on their mental state. They are extremely sensitive and prone to anxiety. When they face unfair treatment, they often resort to deceit. Their mood is positively affected by deep conversations with loved ones they can trust. 

Moon in Libra women are clever, bubbly, and easy-going. They happily and gratefully accept signs of attention and gifts from men. Once they get married, they try to strengthen their relationship and prefer to sacrifice their interests and principles. The peace and well-being of their family always come first. They are proud of their children and do everything to ensure their personal growth. One can win over a woman like this by taking care of decision-making, settling complications, and protecting her from all the world’s imperfections.

Moon in Libra men look for a perfect partner. They easily fall in love and extremely fickle. Ladies’ men, they know how to make a woman like them. On the other hand, they appreciate women and enjoy showering them with compliments. They are tactful and polite and very romantic. Quite often, they find it hard to choose among several candidates. However, they’d prefer a light-hearted woman who is not prone to arguments and doesn’t create problems.


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