Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Aquarius


Moon in Aquarius strengthens love for freedom, spiritual growth, and communication with like-minded people. These people accept everything unusual and strange, all things out of the box with great interest. 

Their internal freedom is their main trait. They avoid any situations that may lead to obligations. They are unwilling to give promises because they don’t want to be bound by the necessity to keep them. They organize their lives in a way that would allow them to be independent of anything and anyone.

Friendships are extremely important, but they keep their distance even with their friends to exclude the very possibility of them intruding on their thoughts, emotions, and life in general. Their inner world is a restricted area. They are normally quite friendly to others but rarely develop strong attachments.

Every one of them can present a curious combination of elevated selflessness and down-to-earth selfishness. While they want to help others as much as they can, they also don’t want to let anyone get too close. 

People with Moon in Aquarius in the natal chart are afraid of attachments that threaten their freedom. 

Sometimes, they might experience unprompted mood swings, eccentricity, and out-of-box thinking. They tend to display their originality while they avoid supporting the majority. They have the desire to improve the world they live in, to invent something new. Traditional values don’t interest them in the slightest. Sometimes, their manners and appearance confuse others.

At the same time, they don’t completely vanish in their dreams. They are sociable and easy-going and constantly surrounded by friends. Sometimes it’s just too much, and they feel emotionally exhausted and need some time to recover.

Moon in Aquarius women are independent, friendly, intelligent, caring, and unique in whatever they do. They believe in the best in people, always ready to help, and selfless. In family life, they do all it takes to create a comfortable, warm environment at home. However, they never abandon their hobbies and interests they pursued before marriage. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep these women in a cage even if it’s made of gold. Their spouse must always support the illusion of freedom. Only then they have a chance to be happy and become devoted wives and best friends for their husbands.

Moon in Aquarius men look for women who can be their best friends and allies they can trust completely. Sometimes they even confuse friendship with love but with time they learn to value both. They are looking for a woman who would choose an open marriage and is scared of being imprisoned. As a rule, once they create a family, they become devoted and faithful husbands. A knowledgeable, unusual, sociable woman with a good sense of humor would be a perfect partner for them.


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