Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Aries


Moon in Aries provides its natives with proactivity, desire to fight, enthusiasm, and passion. These people are hot-tempered, sometimes aggressive. They enjoy being competitive and confidently move towards their goals. They can also inspire others by example. Whenever they speak, they sound harsh but impressive. Because of their strong, quick to anger character, other people around them can feel their superiority. They enjoy arguing too but come around quickly. In extreme cases, they are tyrannical and try to bend people to their will. Only gentle, compliant partners can get along with them well. 

People with Moon in Aries in the natal chart prefer living in big cities where life is bustling and eventful. Routine and peace make them feel depressed. Their restless mind suffers without action. If nothing happens to them or around them, they invent various situations where they can prove themselves. They need an impulse, energy, activity. More often than not, they act first and think about it later.

Their vision of the world is rather polarized. There are no halftones; everything is black and white. Sometimes they are prone to the idealization of things. They won’t tolerate any meddling in their plans. Usually, they choose their path to follow, and they don’t stop to think if it’s the right one. Even when they need support, they rarely display the weakness of asking for help.

They can’t stand weak people, quitters, and whiners. They are attracted to adventurous people, those who are independent and brave. If someone quickly gives up during an argument or a potential partner quickly accepts their courtship, they lose all interest.

Moon in Aries women are protectors. They are proactive, inventive, impulsive, and independent. They teach their children to fight and strive for victory no matter what by example. Quite often, their enthusiastic attitude and energetic nature drive them to rearrange furnishings or do a complete home makeover. In case of unfavorable aspects, they might become overly stubborn and subjective. Men who let them be themselves and can tolerate their fussiness and energetic attitude will be perfect partners. They must constantly remind them of their exceptional nature and appreciate their accomplishments

Moon in Aries men easily fall in love and do all they can to win over the object of their admiration. They are usually quite passionate when displaying their feelings. They enjoy defeating competition and being a hero in their lover’s eyes. Their ideal is an independent, self-sufficient woman with regal manners; someone they would be proud to show off.


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