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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Cancer


Being a planet of adventurousness and communication, Mercury starts interacting with Cancer’s ruler, the Moon. People with this kind of combination in their natal charts are those whose minds and feelings and emotions go hand in hand.

Quite often, there are certain issues in relationships because of their anxiety and excessive sensitivity. People like this want others to approve of what they say. If others don’t display any responsiveness, they give in to hypochondria and start questioning the correctness of their views. If someone they talk to looks completely impassive, they get nervous. Only someone who can create a completely safe and secure environment will be able to win their heart. If this doesn’t happen, they’ll start avoiding social contacts, retreat into their shell, and become offish.

Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart provides the ability to have a gust of other people and empathize with their emotional state. For example, when watching a movie. When there is no emotional excitement, the effectiveness of communication comes to naught.

One of the traits these people have is being hypersensitive to criticism. It gives birth to resentfulness and holding grudges.

With Mercury in Cancer natives, emotions rule over the mind. Their vivid imagination sometimes embellishes reality. Impressions are quicker to memorize and have greater significance than facts. Wittiness and quicksilver humor are rare. Conservative thinking is dominant.

The planet affects symbolic thinking and the ability to express one’s innermost thoughts. The intellectual level doesn’t play a significant role unless it’s supported by spirituality.

The unconscious plays a great role. Unperceived desires and spontaneous impulses lead to a lack of practical approach to many issues. People like this are good at psychology or art. There is a talent for revealing the secrets of the past, historical research, and archaeological excavations.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer complicates interpersonal communication because of deep-seated hypochondria. People like this often suspect those who display genuine interest in them of desire to deceive or ridicule. Prejudices make them sarcastic and waspish. They push people away as soon as at the introduction stage without letting others get to know them better. So the main recommendation here is to learn to control your emotions and start trusting people.

Mercury in retrograde in Cancer makes the native consistently wallow in the memories of the past going as far back as childhood experiences. This contributes to the frequent feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. Sometimes, it’s very hard to overcome the dependence on the past and move on.

Mercury in Cancer women are not ready to sacrifice their habits and views. Many of these habits and views come from childhood and adopted from parents, teachers, or books, and are tightly bound to emotions. Quite often, these ladies try to hide from reality in the illusionary world. Sometimes, one can find a common ground with them and establish a warm personal relationship. They are prone to ridicule everything that contradicts their values. At the same time, they need people who would support them and provide them with a sense of security. If someone does manage to get closer to them, they find a vulnerable soul covered with a mask of negativity.

Mercury in Cancer men are extremely moody. When in a bad mood, they tend to be angry and irritable with those around them and blame them for contrived sins. Quite often, they resort to manipulation by appointing a member of their family or an employee as a scapegoat and guilt-tripping everybody. They don’t mind laughing at people they talk to abusing their ability to see right through people. However, they never tolerate any criticism aimed at themselves. You can win them over by showing great deference. At the same time, you should be impervious to sarcasm coming from them.

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