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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn


Mercury in Capricorn makes people industrious, calculating, and reserved to the point of being emotionally frigid. These people are highly intelligent and have a very precise, logical, rational way of thinking. One of their main traits is precociousness to the point of obsession with planning things. Their mind is always focused on the achievement of a certain goal. There’s no place for chaos and disorder in their thoughts.

Mercury in Capricorn in the natal chart makes a person always consider all available options. They choose only those that lead to the desired results. Everything outside that goal is dismissed as unnecessary. This is why those under the influence of the planet are not too broad-minded, even though they are highly intelligent. Quite often, they don’t notice how circumstances change and can’t adapt to them in time.

When it comes to social aspects, Mercury in Capricorn manifests itself like this. Any conversation must have a certain goal and be meaningful. They have to choose every word carefully to make others understand them right and not waste time on unnecessary explanations. Simple hearty talk gets dismissed. Because of this, the quality of communication and relationships suffer significantly. However, they have a sophisticated sense of humor they don’t mind displaying when talking to someone. They also try to avoid rudeness and crassness.

Winning their heart is a difficult task. It takes diligence, patience, and modesty. These are the qualities of the partner they can really respect and trust. They can’t stand pretense and deceit even though they can definitely be inventive and conniving to achieve their high goals.

Mercury in Capricorn women are unconditional leaders. They want to compete with men on a professional scene. Trying to prove that intellectually, women are not inferior to men, they sometimes become rude and harsh. These ladies are exceptionally hardworking, have an analytical mind, and an excellent memory. These qualities allow them to reach high positions in multiple occupations. However, they lack warmth and cordiality even when it comes to romantic and family relationships. They don’t trust pretty words, and it’s hard to win her over with romantic surprises. But a successful man who is reserved and consistent in his actions will catch their eye.

Mercury in Capricorn men are great, responsive talkers. They are father reserved but their ability to quickly get to the bottom of things and analyze any situation is highly valued by others. People always defer to their opinion. However, they can be bogged down in stereotypes. They have to broaden their horizons, travel more, learn new things. At the same time, it’s important not to discard previous experiences and follow family traditions. They rarely show initiative when it comes to romantic relationships but when the feelings are deep, they are ready to prove their devotion with actions and not pretty words.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn gives birth to a limited person devoid of the flexibility of mind. The strict limits they set for themselves (for example, of religious or moral nature) prevent them from growing and moving forward. People like this cut their wings when they don’t allow themselves to go beyond the boundaries they've created. It’s recommended that they expand their horizons, reject restrictive tenets, try to bring more spontaneity in their life, and follow their desires more often.

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