Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Capricorn


Venus in Capricorn provides people with a high level of focus when it comes to emotions and feelings. Due to restrictions and suppression of feelings, their sexual development is delayed.

The natives are reserved, patient, constant, and tend to establish boundaries. Venus in Capricorn in the natal chart can help to shape the one-partner personality. When it comes to choosing a partner, these people are strict and thorough. Their feelings developed slowly but once they blossom, they become reliable and trustworthy partners. They keep these feelings even long after breakups. In this case, a woman would suffer and become clingy but to no avail.

Sometimes they choose frugal existence and display moderation in everything. When they feel their superiority, they might get cold and unapproachable. At times like this, both they and their partners suffer from their indifference. However, this mask of coldness often hides serious passions.

In the case of favorable aspects, they strive for establishing well-balanced relationships. Venus in the House of Capricorn provides them with a massive sex drive that’s sometimes left untapped. The boundaries and restrictions they set for themselves don’t let them unlock their potential in bed. So they can deprive themselves of sex for a long time.

Their feelings are largely affected by material aspects. Sometimes people even say that they marry into money. They won’t pay any attention to a person who is at a low financial or social level. If they decide to get married at a young age, they choose older partners to feel secure. When they get older, they can become a patron or a mentor for someone, so they often marry younger partners.

They need some time alone to bring their feelings and thoughts into order and to relax as much as possible. If there’s no way they can do it, their emotional growth slows down.

Venus in Capricorn women are serious and responsible. At a younger age, they look older than their peers. However, later in life, they can maintain a young, fresh complexion. They know how to decorate their home and make it perfectly neat. At work, they can be capable managers but in private life, they are often modest and shy. They’ll hide their feelings and prefer to be conquered rather than making the first step. 

Venus in Capricorn men are stubborn bachelors who avoid intense emotions. But given the right circumstances, they can be faithful and devoted partners. Others see them as leaders with a wealth of knowledge and great willpower. Trying to guard their composure, they put on airs. Earlier in life, they are often very passionate but after experiencing a few disappointments, they sometimes become cynical and misanthropic. If it comes to choosing between a sexy lady and a modest girl, they’ll choose the latter. When they have a chance to take their partner under their wing, they feel significant and strong.


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