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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Sagittarius


Moon in Sagittarius makes people energetic, easily adaptable to new circumstances, life-loving, and independent. The opportunity to change life for the better is a great stimulus that inspires them to act. 

They are broad-minded, flexible thinkers who let others defend their point of view. They are generous, compassionate, generous. These people love traveling and learning about new cultures. Quite often, they leave their home country to live abroad.

They are devoted to their ideals, highly moral, and have a strong sense of justice. They are prepared to protect the weak. At the same time, they are optimistic and believe in a better future. 

Moon in Sagittarius in the natal chart provides people with a vivid imagination, proneness to philosophizing, and literary talents. They never refuse to offer a word of wisdom that often comes in handy. They learn and educate themselves to be able to share their knowledge with others later. They have a subconscious desire to mentor and educate others. Sometimes this results in hidden pride and pathos driven by the sense of their own significance.

These people are highly enthusiastic and set meaningful goals. They are honest and sincere and have noble intentions without any hidden agenda. They easily display generosity towards others and quickly forget about grudges. They are also highly intelligent and often physically fit. 

One can often find them absorbed in their thoughts. Sometimes they can get angry which keeps them from making the right decisions.

They don’t tend to display deep feelings, but their attitude is always sincere and genuine. They try to keep the balance between their desire for adventure and new experiences and conscience.

Friendships mean a great deal to them. They want their partners to also be their best friends who can give them support and reassurance when they really need it. At the same time, they need emotional freedom.

Moon in Sagittarius women are independent and keep their body in great physical shape for years. They are well-educated and don’t stop learning new things even after they get married. Energetic and active, they inspire their loved ones for new ideas.

Moon in Sagittarius men look for eccentric, extraordinary women. Search for a perfect partner often takes them a long time. For that, they often travel to faraway countries trying to find their perfect partner among women from other cultures. Early in life, they display their love for personal freedom.


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