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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Scorpio


Venus in Scorpio is in exile. The planet provides the native with the constant feeling of dissatisfaction and emptiness. Their feelings are often chaotic, barely formed, and anxious.

This planetary position creates colorful personalities torn by the tempest of passions. The fire of feelings and emotions bruins them from inside and is often directed at their partner. They are prone to suffering, sometimes affected but very valuable to them.

Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart endows people with vivid sexual appeal and the need to prove themselves in this regard. In the case of negative childhood programming, they are sometimes scared of intimacy and this leads to internal conflicts. When they manage to get rid of their reservations, sensual hunger comes to the surface. In case of firm insecurities, they might be prone to certain roughness during intimacy. In an extreme case, they might get cruel and ruthless towards themselves which leads to masochism and mental self-castigation.

When they allow themselves to destroy the mental barriers and blocks, their sex life becomes intense. In this case, they can attract their partners like a magnet, forcing them to forget about morality and convention.

Venus in the House of Scorpio promotes self-expression. At a lower level, through passionate and sometimes obsessive infatuation. At a higher level, through sublimation and creativity. Thanks to the influence of the planet, they get new opportunities to perceive things through fine energy flows.

When it comes to romance, they try to establish strong relationships based on passion and intense attachment. They might be tyrannical and overbearing and want to dominate which sometimes leads to conflicts. They tend to have impossibly high standards for their partners and sometimes create drama out of nothing. Their answer to unfaithfulness and betrayal is hatred as intense as the love they used to feel. They also tend to get married multiple times and get involved in risky relationships. At a higher spiritual level, their love becomes a healing, colorful emotion.

Thanks to Venus in Scorpio, people experience great pleasure when they take chances or during times of extreme physical and mental tension. At times like this, their emotions are at their highest. This provides emotional release and restoration. They enjoy sports that deal with the elements and allow them to peek over the edge of being.

Venus in Scorpio women get the full sense of their sexuality early in life. At a young age, they tend to suppress their sensual nature, and they choose outfits that show as little skin as possible. However, they subconsciously choose smooth or velvety fabrics that tightly hug their figure. Later in life, they start getting the sense of their attractiveness and emphasize it with bright makeup. They often choose dangerous, risk-prone men as partners. They are attracted to criminals, military men, or mages. They’d prefer married men as well, just to make sure they are in the constant state of overcoming obstacles and suffering.

Venus in Scorpio men are people of extraordinary passions. Those at a low level of spirituality will choose the path of brutal force and domineering. They prefer unusual women, true femmes fatale who don’t just keep them from getting bored but full every day with new experiences. But sometimes under the mask of power, there is a jealous man who can be deeply hurt by a betrayal. A spiritually advanced man will use his love for domineering to benefit his family by taking on all responsibilities.


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