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Mercury retrograde in Leo


Mercury in Leo is visiting the ruler planet, the Sun. This translates into advanced logical thinking and a desire to achieve maximum intellectual and creative potential. Vanity and tendency to overrate own accomplishments emerge. These people love traveling, are artistically gifted, and have a heightened libido. They are also quite discerning when it comes to spiritual matters and achieve success in commerce. 

Mercury in Leo in the natal chart provides an incentive for drama and desire to attract attention with eloquence. These people are under the spotlight wherever they go. Playing to the crowd, they skillfully use gestures, pauses, and facial expressions. They often need all attention to be focused on them only. The most brilliant and bright ideas are born when they have an audience. If it’s not there, their personal growth slows down. As children, when they realize nobody pays attention to their ideas, people with Mercury in Leo stop attaching importance to thinking and start thinking it’s not that important. As adults, it’s easy to offend them by listening to them inattentively or paying no interest in what they say. But it rarely happens because the planet provides them with eloquence and the ability to get others interested. Outstanding public speakers often have this combination in their natal charts.

They are charismatic and have a strong sense of their exceptional nature. They are born to be stars, and they want to get to the top by using their intellectual abilities. If their spiritual level is low, they might use intrigues and illegal methods as a means to an end. 

Narcissism is one of their main traits. They demand to be respected and recognized. They like to see themselves as benefactors, so they often help the less fortunate. Furthermore, they share their energy with family and friends even when they don’t need their attention. 

Mercury in Leo women have a strong intuition based on their intelligence. They are capable of quickly calculating how a situation will develop and use it to their advantage. The planet windows women with brilliance, wittiness, leadership qualities, and composure. They often make a successful career. Friends value them for their bubbly disposition. Sometimes, their self-esteem inflates until it turns into egotism, which generates a lot of ill-wishers. 

Mercury in Leo men have bright personalities prone to narcissism and leadership. They don’t take it lightly when they don’t come out as winners at something. Intuition and tactfulness are at a low level, so sometimes they unwittingly offend others. The planet provides these men with proneness to out-of-the-box decision-making. In any company, they act like they own the place looking down at others and only letting a few chosen people approach them. They like vivid statements and to give weight to their words, support them with quotes and historical references.

Mercury retrograde in Leo makes a person think that the entire world revolves around them. They tend to think that the slightest events have a direct connection to them because they are the center of the Universe. Mercury in retrograde makes people unceremonious and tactless. We recommend that they pay more attention to the needs of other people and put their interests second. At a high spiritual level, Mercury in this position gives birth to a lightful leader who is ready to make people follow them.

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