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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Sagittarius


Venus in Sagittarius bestowed its natives with a philosophical mind and financial success. These people manage to combine the desire for self-denial and self-elevation.

Their duplicitous nature shows in romantic relationships as well. Here, idealism combines with rationality. Social status is one of the first things they pay attention to when choosing a partner. They are often attracted to generally respected people: teachers, high-ranking managers, mentors. Sometimes, Venus in Sagittarius in the natal chart makes them fall in love with someone who is separated from them by distance (a foreigner, for example). When their partner loses their influence, they feel disappointed and get estranged.

The social aspect plays an important role in other areas of life as well. Their choice is often based on how prestigious the object of their attention is or what kind of industry it’s related to. This concerns, for example, sport, leisure time, resorts and hotels, and educational institutions. Sometimes their passions turn into snobbery and a false sense of elitism.

Venus in the House of Sagittarius makes a person play a proactive role in relationships and plan all pastimes and events together. They may have multiple lovers at once, and they feel no remorse or guilt about it. With age, the philosophy of open relationships and guest marriages gets replaced by the commitment to traditional relationships. 

These people like spending time on foreign trips, at fashion shows, and flash mobs. They experience true pleasure when they visit new places.

The planet provides its natives with optimism and a light-hearted attitude to failures. They don’t get focused on problems and relationships that ran their course. Once they get rid of the deadweight, they move on. They are generous and simple-minded. However, they require the same in return, and sometimes, twice as much.

Venus in Sagittarius women are incurable optimists. Having education and career as their goals, they won’t settle for becoming a housewife. There is not keeping them within the four walls. They are active and often have a physically fit body. From a partner in their life, they expect the feeling of a never-ending holiday and pleasant surprises. If they don’t get that, they feel disappointed and often decide on a breakup. But soon after that, they’ll start a new relationship hoping they’ll be lucky this time and their spouse matches their expectations. They prefer foreigners or financially secure men.

Venus in Sagittarius men are ladies’ men. But sex and promiscuity aren’t what drives them.  They approach the issue of changing partners philosophically and are convinced this is their way of looking for that perfect one they’ll spend the rest of their lives with. Once they meet their perfect woman, an active, life-loving, energetic lady who has the same principles in life, they become a reliable partner. They are not interested in household matters and leave it to their partners to deal with them. Even when they marry a woman from their country, they often travel abroad together.

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