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Personal Horoscope

Personal horoscope by date of birth is your astrological portrait with a drawing of the smallest details. With its help, you can better understand yourself and your potential - it will help you find your way.

What the personal horoscope is

Probably, everyone has some friends of the same Zodiac sign. For example, two Tauruses. They can be similar in some way, but they are entirely different people. Twins who were born almost simultaneously can also be different. In a few minutes between twins' birth, the Earth's position changes relative to other celestial bodies. This change results in very different natal charts.

That is why not only the year, month, and day of your birth are essential for drawing up a horoscope, but also the place and the time to the nearest minute.

A personal horoscope by date of birth is a natal chart description, a picture of heaven at the moment of birth. It can be compared to fingerprints - each person has their own "screenshot" of the sky at the delivery time. An individual life horoscope is a kind of space ID: it contains all the essential information about a person.

What a personal horoscope gives to you

Life is unpredictable and sometimes turns in unexpected ways. Some of these events delight us, and some upset us, which creates a unique and colorful kaleidoscope of our fate. If you order a personal horoscope, you can not only examine these intricate patterns but comprehend their meanings.

Your space ID will allow you to understand your character better, realize your talents, prepare for possible difficulties, and protect yourself from ailments. This is not a 100% prediction that will undoubtedly come true, but a system of "beacons" that will make it easier for you to navigate in life.

Here is just a shortlist of questions to clarify:

  • strengths and weaknesses of your character;
  • what is the key life task of your individuality;
  • how to get the support of the Universe;
  • in which life sphere you can get the success, and where it will not work;
  • what inspires you;
  • how to be successful in work, finance, personal life;
  • how to get around the traps of fate.

How it works

To build a personal horoscope, you need to gather information about your birth. Most of us know the date but try to clarify the exact place and time. Without these two parameters, the personality profile will be incomplete.

To get a personal horoscope online with full decryption, you must enter the time, day, month, and year of your birth into the system and indicate the coordinates of the place where you were born.

The result of the calculations is the decrypted natal chart. You will learn what is given to you from birth (planets and aspects in Zodiac signs) and how you can realize your potential (planets in houses).

How to order a personal horoscope

Computer algorithms do an excellent job drawing up natal charts - they quickly process all the data and provide detailed decryption. The program considers almost all aspects of the horoscope, but it is unlikely to cover all individual personality traits. When an experienced astrologer works on the interpretation, the personal profile is complete and more humane.

You can get an automatic transcript of the star chart at the time of your birth or order an accurate individual horoscope from experts in the field of astrology.

In the second case, the result is more accurate: even the best software does not have the empathy that helps the astrologer analyze the emotional side of events. Emotions are an essential part of the character; the assessment is important for understanding how a person realizes the potential given by the Universe.

Even though an individual astrological forecast contains a lot of information about a person's past and future, it is not «carved in stone». Consider it as a system of prompts that will show you the correct path in life.