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Make Your Free Birth Chart Analysis Now: Find Your Purpose and Potential

Have you ever wondered about the hidden forces shaping your life and personality? A birth chart, also known as a natal chart, provides a snapshot of the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, offering valuable insights into who you are and what your life journey may entail. And now, you can make your own free birth chart online right here on our site!

Customized Astrological Analysis: Unveiling Your Unique Birth Chart Blueprint

With just a few simple inputs – your date, place, and time of birth – our easy-to-use tool will generate a customized birth chart with houses, that provides in-depth analysis of your astrological identity. Whether you're looking for guidance in relationships, career, or personal growth, a birth chart can offer valuable insights and understanding.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the mysteries of your astrological identity and make your best free birth chart now on our site.

The Birth Chart Calculator: Understanding its Functionality and Utility

A number of complex mathematical calculations must be carried out to construct a natal chart by date of birth. The Astromix team has developed its own birth chart calculator (or astrological processor), which is accurate and is constantly improving.




Here is an example of a birth chart:

The main elements of the natal chart that the astrologer analyzes are:

  1. Rising sign (or Ascendant) - This will indicate the general energy and approach to life that a person has, and also a person's physical appearance and attitude.
  2. Sun sign - This will indicate the core of a person's identity and how they express themselves.
  3. Moon sign - This will indicate a person's emotional nature and deepest needs.
  4. Ascendant - This will indicate a person's physical appearance and attitude.
  5. Planetary placements - This will indicate a person's drive and motivations.
  6. Aspects - This will indicate the relationship between the planets and how they interact with each other.
  7. Houses - This will indicate the areas of life that have the most influence.

In our horoscopes, we analyze these and hundreds of other parameters in order to present in the most simple language the most important of the analysis.

For example, the birth chart on the picture below reveals to us some details about the identity of a person: with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus, they have great potential for physical and material comfort. They are likely to be very secure and confident, with a strong sense of willpower and determination. However, they may also struggle with indecision and be prone to mood swings due to the Moon-Saturn opposition.

If you are interested in love compatibility issues, as well as how a future marriage will turn out, we recommend you Astromix love compatibility horoscope. Known as Synastry or Love Compatibility, this technique uses the overlay of two natal charts to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Through a detailed astrological analysis, it can predict the prospects of marriage between two people. To calculate compatibility according to the natal chart of partners or spouses, simply select Horoscopes - Love Compatibility from the menu.

Or you can try a free birth chart compatibility report to get acquainted with a quick analysis and decide on ordering a more detailed reading.

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How to calculate an accurate birth chart on Astromix

You can make and receive your natal chart on our website in less than a minute.

Free Birth Chart Calculator

  1. Fill out the form above: Write your name.
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    Enter your date of birth.
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  2. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, select the option "I don't know my time of birth
  3. Enter the city of your birth. Just start typing the first 3+ letters of the city and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.
  4. Leave your Email for our astrologers to send you personalized recommendations after your online natal chart is built.
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Once you click "Get your free birth chart", it will only take a few seconds for the system to build an accurate cosmogram and show you the result.


What Is a Birth Chart?

When compiling a regular horoscope, you use only one key parameter - a birthday. It defines your Zodiac sign, and on this basis, you make the forecasts for the day, week, month, or year. No need to say such predictions are very, very vogue. Drawing up a birth chart means considering the position of ten celestial bodies at the moment of birth, the hour, minute, and even the second of birth. The geographical coordinates of the birthplace are also critical in drawing up a map.
According to natal astrology, each celestial body influences the personality. For example, the Moon helps to understand the changes in emotional states. Mercury is responsible for cognitive intelligence, and Venus is responsible for the ability to experience and express sympathy. The planets are also worth considering in the birth chart to understand the person's emotions, reactions, and character.
A birth chart with decryption is a powerful tool that will help you make essential decisions, build a business or personal life, and interact with people. You can fill the form on this page to  get a free birth chart analysis.
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What is my birth chart? Is it unique?

Your birth chart is a unique astrological chart that is based on the exact time, date, and location of your birth. It is unique to you, and the information it contains is highly personal. We use our birth chart calculator to give you information about your personality, relationships, and life purpose. It can be used to help you better understand yourself and gain insight into your relationships, career, and life path.

How to read a birth chart?

To read a birth chart, you must collect information from various sources. Start by studying the positions of the planets. Next, look at the houses, the areas of life where the planets are located. Then look at the aspects, which are the relationships between the planets. This will give you an idea of how the energies of the planets interact with each other. Finally, look at the signs, which are the zodiac signs in which the planets are located. This will give you an idea of the person's qualities and characteristics. To summarize this information, you need to look at the big picture. Look at how the planets interact with each other, what houses they are in, and what signs they are in. This will give you an idea of the person's personality traits and characteristics, as well as the potential challenges or opportunities they may face in life.

What are the first things to look at in a birth chart?

In order to read a natal chart it is necessary to understand its basic elements.  First of all, astrologers pay attention to:
1. Sun sign - This will indicate the core of a person's identity and how they express themselves. 
2. Moon sign - This will indicate a person's emotional nature and deepest needs. 
3. Ascendant - This will indicate a person's physical appearance and attitude. 
4. Planetary placements - This will indicate a person's drive and motivations. 
5. Aspects - This will indicate the relationship between the planets and how they interact with each other. 
6. Houses - This will indicate the areas of life that have the most influence.

Why here you find an Accurate Analysis of Your Birth Chart

On the Internet there are many services offering to calculate the natal chart. But in order to achieve accuracy it is necessary to compare the current daylight saving time in all cities of the world. Our birth chart calculator takes into account all the historical time changes, takes into account hundreds of parameters that other services ignore. 

How to interpret a birth chart?

The interpretation of the natal chart requires knowledge of astrology. But you can begin your dive into astrological insights using our free birth chart reading. Just fill the form on this page. We will tell you about the major implications of your natal chart on your personality.

You’ll learn the influence of the Sun and Moon, Ascendant on your personality, and much more. The Sun in the birth chart is the force that brings happiness to a person, fills his world with meaning, and motivates him to action. For example, an online natal chart with decoding with the Sun in Taurus means that a person is inspired by material goods, money. The Sun shows the true self of a person.
In a natal horoscope, the Moon is a center of psychic energy, a point of inner comfort, a matter that affects a person's life.
The Ascendant is the physical embodiment of a personality, how it manifests itself in the world, and how other people perceive it.

What are the sections of a birth chart

1. Ascendant or Rising Sign: The sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of birth.  Ascendant reveals how other people perceive us, what our first impression is.
2. Planetary Positions: The exact positions of the planets in the various signs and houses of the zodiac at the time of birth. Each planet has its own energy and describes a certain aspect of our personality. We will discuss this in more detail next.
3. Houses: The twelve divisions of the birth chart, each with specific meanings related to areas of life experience. The values of the astrological houses are key in prognosticating questions. 
4. Aspects: The angles formed between the various planets in the birth chart. When reading the natal chart aspects are divided into harmonious and tense.
5. Nodes: The points where the Moon's orbit intersects the ecliptic plane.  Nodes are important in the analysis of karma and destiny.
6. Asteroids and Fixed Stars: Smaller bodies in the solar system that can be used in chart interpretation. This is a deeper level of analysis. Not all astrologers use it.
8. Chart Patterns: Arrangements of planets that form recognizable shapes in the birth chart.The most famous patterns are considered to be the Jones Figures.

What are the planets in a birth chart? What are their meaning?

  • The Sun represents our identity, ego, and our will to live. It also reflects our creative expression and our inner power. 
  • The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, and instinctual urges. It reflects our innermost needs and sense of security. 
  • Mercury represents our intellect, communication, and the way we view the world. It reflects our mental agility and ability to learn. 
  • Venus represents our relationships, our values, and the way we interact with others. It reflects our desire for love and beauty. 
  • Mars represents our ambition, drive, and motivation. It reflects our determination and ability to take action. 
  • Jupiter represents our luck and opportunities. It reflects our ability to seize opportunities and see the bigger picture. 
  • Saturn represents our boundaries, limits, and responsibilities. It reflects our ability to take responsibility for our actions and stay disciplined. 
  • Uranus represents our rebelliousness and uniqueness. It reflects our desire for change and freedom. 
  • Neptune represents our spirituality
  • Pluto symbolizes transformation and power.

What are the houses in a birth chart? What is their meaning?

The houses in a birth chart are the twelve divisions of the sky that represent different areas of life. Each house has a specific meaning and represents a different area of life, such as relationships, career, health, family, and more. The first house represents the self, the second house represents finances, the third house represents communication, the fourth house represents home and family, the fifth house represents creativity and children, the sixth house represents work and health, the seventh house represents relationships, the eighth house represents transformation, the ninth house represents higher learning, the tenth house represents career, the eleventh house represents friends and community, and the twelfth house represents spirituality and the subconscious.

Analyzing the planets in the houses of the natal chart is a deeper level of reading.

For example, if Mars and Jupiter are in the fifth house, this could indicate a focus on creative pursuits, such as writing, art or music. If the Moon and Venus are in the eighth house, this could mean a deep intensity when it comes to personal relationships, sexuality and even the spiritual realm. Depending on the aspects between these planets and any other planets in the chart, a more detailed analysis of the influence of these placements can be determined.

What are the planetary aspects in a birth chart?

Planetary aspects in a birth chart are the angular relationships between two or more planets in a chart. These aspects indicate the type of energy that is being exchanged between the planets, and can provide insight into the individual’s personality, life path, and potential. The most common aspects are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. Each of these aspects has a different meaning and can provide insight into the individual’s life The aspects can be indicative of potential successes, as well as potential challenges.

It doesn't necessarily mean if there are many tense aspects in the natal chart that life will be difficult. It could mean that life will be more dynamic, as the person will have to learn to manage multiple aspects of their life. Depending on the individual's coping strategies, they can use the challenge of managing multiple aspects of their life to grow and develop.

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What are the nodes in a birth chart?

The North and South nodes of the Moon in a birth chart can help to identify a person's inherent strengths, weaknesses and potential. The North Node is considered to represent a person's destiny and their path in this life; it is associated with ambition, enthusiasm and forward movement. The South node is a representation of a person's past, including their habits and the lessons they need to learn and grow from. The nodes in a birth chart can offer important insight into the energies that influence a person's life, helping them to use their strengths and to work with their weaknesses.

If a person does not take heed of the energies of the North and South nodes of their birth chart, they can find themselves lacking ambition and feeling stuck. They may find it difficult to make progress and they may struggle to make progress in their professional and personal life. Learning to work with the energies of the North and South nodes can help to motivate a person, inspiring them with ambition to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Ultimately, learning from the insights of your North and South Nodes can help you reach your highest potential.

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