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Birth chart

Regular horoscopes by Zodiac signs cannot boast of accuracy. They provide a very rough picture of the future. It is not very practical to build your life based on them. Natal astrology differs. It allows you to predict your destiny accurately and forecast the most critical events in your life.

What a Birth Cart Is

When compiling a regular horoscope, you use only one key parameter - a birthday. It defines your Zodiac sign, and on this base, you make the forecasts for the day, week, month, or year. No need to say such predictions are very, very vogue. Drawing up a birth cart means taking into account the position of ten celestial bodies at the moment of birth, the hour, minute, and even the second of birth. The geographical coordinates of the birthplace are also critical in drawing up a map.

According to natal astrology, each celestial body has its influence on the personality. The Moon helps to understand the changes in emotional states. Mercury is responsible for cognitive intelligence, and Venus is responsible for the ability to experience and express sympathy. The planets are also worth considering in the birth chart to understand the person's emotions and reactions and his or her character.

A birth chart with decryption is a powerful tool that will help you make essential decisions, build a business, personal life, and just interact with people.

The Influence of the Element

A birth chart is a diagram on which the Zodiac signs and the planet is shown. Even a beginner in astrology can read it. Of course, the prognosis will be less accurate than the decryption with a professional astrologer's help.

If you want to create the birth chart by date, you need to determine the main element. The astrologers use different approaches to define the ruling Element. Some of them consider only personal planets, some - only the highest planets. The simplest method is to calculate the number of planets in the Zodiac signs at the time of your birth. If most of them are in the signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, then Fire is the main element. The planets in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces mean the predominance of Water, and in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Air. The main element would be Earth if most of the planets concentrated in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The main energy indicates the temperament of the individual and the predisposition to certain diseases. For example, a complete birth chart for a man with predominating Fire shows a tendency to inflammation or flue. The primacy of the Earth warns of possible joint diseases and the supremacy of the Air - of problems with blood pressure. Let's analyze each element in more detail:

  • Fire. The element of leadership, aggression, independence, risk. Fire "burns" connections, so people with Fire as the leading element are very independent. They also need constant movement; they defend and sometimes even aggressively impose their views. People of Fire are very radical in their judgments and often see the world in black and white colors. If a complete birth chart shows a lack of Fire, this means that a person will lack initiative, and for serious actions require the additional push
  • Water. The cold and dense element symbolizes slowness and the need to build close ties. People of Water can completely dissolve in a loved one, show hyperprotection. The advantages of strong Water are good intuition and creative thinking. Weak Water is emotional dryness, lack of sensitivity, and empathy.
  • Air. Increased sociability, curiosity, and the ability to switch quickly between activities and interests. If the online natal horoscope with decoding showed strong Air, then this means a very active person. Weak Air means communication problems, isolation, lack of adaptation to the changes.
  • Land. Practicality and pragmatism, purposefulness, and action. People with a strong Earth are often conservative; they do everything thoroughly and calculate the risks. Weak Earth, on the other hand, is a lack of practicality.

Influence of the Sun and Moon, Ascendant

After the element has been calculated, you need to calculate the values ​​of the Sun and Moon. The Sun in the natal chart is the force that brings happiness to a person, fills his world with meaning, and motivates him to action. For example, an online natal chart with decoding with the Sun in Taurus means that a person is inspired by material goods, money. The Sun shows the true self of a person.

In a natal horoscope, the Moon is a center of psychic energy, a point of inner comfort, a matter that affects a person's life.

The Ascendant is an ascendant sign, the physical embodiment of a personality, how it manifests itself in the world, and how other people perceive it.

Psychological Portrait and Weak Points

Drawing up a psychological portrait according to the natal horoscope is based on the determination of personal planets. For example, Mercury in the birth chart, shows how a person handles information, thinks, works. Venus is a manifestation of feelings, emotions, creativity, and also successful marriage. Happy marriage or relationships are often sounded when necessary to build a natal chart for a woman. Mars means aggression, a way to deal with difficulties and problems.

Many factors determine the weakness of a planet. It can be very close to the Sun on the map or in the Zodiac sign that limits its influence. The weaknesses, which are also called tight areas, are a source of problems, blocks, issues that need to be worked out.

It is also vital to track the aspects between planets, Lilith's influence, and connections between fixed stars. At these stages, a beginner may have difficulties with the interpretation; therefore, it makes sense to contact a professional astrologer for a complete picture.

Suppose you are far from astrology but want to get the complete picture of your personality and destiny. In that case, there is nothing wrong with making a natal chart online on a special website or ordering the services of a professional. Remember, the better you know your strengths and weaknesses, the better you will influence your life.