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Rising Sign in birth chart

In Western Astrology, Ascendant is the sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the moment of one's birth. This sign can be seen on the east horizon on the natal chart.

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Ascendant: What Is It, and What Does It Mean?

The rising sign, or the Ascendant, is key in our birth chart. It’s extremely important to keep it in mind every time we check our weekly horoscopes and compatibility with other signs. In fact, it’s just as important (and sometimes even more important) than our sun sign. Would you like to find out why? Read on.

What Does the Ascendant Mean?

It means the zodiac sign that ascends the horizon at the exact moment of our birth. Due to the rotational movement of the Earth, the zodiac rotates as well. It goes through the 12 signs in 24 hours and is in charge of defining the system of houses (areas of life) in the natal chart.

That is why it is very important to know the exact time of the first breath when arriving on the earthly plane. The representation of this term refers to the horizon line projected on a vertical plane that divides the visible sky from the invisible.

This division not only gives rise to our birth chart but also provides people with the most interesting data about their personality. After all, it mainly affects their behavior, character and social relationships. In other words, the rising sign defines the model we have of focusing life and channeling our energies, thus representing both the physical and mental planes.

How Do You Calculate Your Ascendant?

The Sun takes about a month to cross a zodiac sign. However, the rotation of the Earth indicates that the sign that rises on the horizon changes every 2 hours. This explains why people born on the same day and year as you can be so unlike you. This also means that to calculate your astrological rising sign, you must know the exact day, month and hour of your birth.

What If I Don’t Know the Time of My Birth?

Most people know the place and the exact date of their birth, so it’s rarely a problem to find that information. But when it comes to the exact time of birth, many grope in the dark.

Your parents are the first point of contact for finding out the exact time of birth. It’s likely your mon can still remember when you were born. If you don't have the opportunity to ask your mother or father, you can check your birth certificate. Another option is to call the town hall, citizens' office or municipal office. Your birth certificate or at least a birth entry must be available there.

What Are the Ways to Calculate Your Ascendant?

Calculating your personal rising sign all by yourself is a painstaking process, albeit by no means impossible. There are just too many factors that come into play. This is why we recommend that you save yourself time and trouble and contact a professional astrologer who can do it for you.

That being said, here are a couple more tips on how to find Ascendant sign.

Ascendant Table

One of the easier and faster ways to calculate your rising sign is to use an Ascendant chart. These usually include the twelve sun signs and hours of birth. All you have to do is to find the matching combination to learn about your rising sign.

Ascendant Sign Calculator

Modern technology makes it even easier! There are many online calculators you can use. Just enter your year, day, time, and place of birth and it will calculate your rising sign within seconds. If you can, choose a more advanced Ascendant and moon sign calculator.

All that being said, it’s important to know that both tables and online calculators are not 100% accurate. Using the services of a professional astrologer to calculate Ascendant sign might take a longer time and require certain investments. However, it’s much more accurate.

What Is My Ascendant Sign Meaning?

Did you find out what your birth chart Ascendant is? Now you can learn about the most prominent characteristics of each one of them.


People with rising Aries are enthusiastic and courageous, but also impulsive and irritable. They like adventure and new things, they always give their best to fight for what they like. However, this enthusiasm comes and goes quickly.


People with rising Taurus are relatively ordinary and honest in appearance. They like stable life but pursue the quality of life above all.


People with a Gemini Ascendant are talented and intelligent. They are very capable of learning and they like to look for novelties and new things. They are always quirky and always strive to make everyone happy.


These people are gentle and kind, with an inner world rich in emotions. They like to use their own feelings to explore the world. However, they are also easily affected by feelings and seem sensitive.


These people are born with a royal demeanor and have a very strong aura. Confident and optimistic, they can always infect people with their enthusiasm and energy. They have the temperament of a leader.


People with a rising Virgo sign are realistic, diligent, kind and sincere. They are always striving for perfection and to do their best.


People with a rising Libra sign have a relatively stable personality and treat people with kindness and sincerity. They are approachable and easy to get along with and seek harmony between ideals and reality throughout their lives.


These people are energetic and have strong feelings but rarely let them show. They are very insightful and motivated, cautious and persistent in getting things done, and can handle loneliness.


People with a rising Sagittarius are enthusiastic, energetic, lively and cheerful. They are born optimists who can face the challenges of life with a positive and confident attitude. They want to determine their life goals and do everything possible to achieve them.


People with a rising Capricorn are more pragmatic and grounded in reality. They work hard and firmly believe that they can create a better tomorrow with their own hands.


These people are naturally intelligent, calm and wise. They like to study new things and always walk ahead of the times.


Pisces Ascendant people are gentle and kind, simple and unscheming. They can easily win people’s hearts. But they are also extremely sensitive, and get hurt and offended easily.


The Ascendant is an essential part of your birth chart. It affects how you behave towards others, how you perceive the world and how you are perceived by others. Just like our relationship with the outside world, the Ascendant also influences our outward appearance. Calculate your rising sign to explore yourself and your relationships with the world around you on a deeper level.

Explore the layout of your birth chart and provide you with unique insights into the strengths and challenges of your birth chart.

Risen Sign is just one of the hundreds of parameters in your birth chart.

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