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Planets in Zodiac signs


Astrology attaches great importance to the positions of planets in Zodiac signs. It’s a mighty power that affects the Zodiac space. The signs impart planets with special nuances and affect their qualities. Planetary characteristics change as planets move through the Zodiac. Planetary functions and basic attributes remain unchanged. However, they can manifest in various ways and have specific qualities based on planetary positions.

Planets affect the signs too. In every case, planet/sign connection can be characterized either as affine or hostile. When building a natal chart, astrologers take into account all the fine interactions and nuances. They pay special attention to the planetary rulers of the signs.

To describe the strength of a planet’s influence, they use terms like rulership, exaltation, affinity, neutrality, hostility, fall, and exile. Rulership shows that the planet is at its strongest. In this case, all planetary qualities are dominant. Planets like this are called ruling planets and the signs they are positioned in are called domiciles.

All planets have special functions and areas of influence. The best effect can be reached when they act in accordance with their qualities.

For example, when a planet is in its domicile sign, it indicates the native’s innate abilities and general predispositions. An exalted planet affects and enhances talents and points out a direction for the choice of occupation. A planet in exile indicates a lack of abilities and qualities it represents. A planet in fall warns about misguided choices.

Planets affect one’s character and destiny significantly. Once you arm yourself with the wisdom astrology provides, you can choose the right way, avoid misfortune and disappointments, change your character, and develop positive qualities.

Our professional astrologers will help you learn which Zodiac planets affect your life the most, find out the strength of its influence, and provide recommendations.

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