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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius


Mercury in Sagittarius in the natal chart provides people with philosophical thinking. Their ideas don’t always match the generally accepted news and ethical norms. People who know them appreciate their straightforwardness. These people might not pay too much attention to facts, but they can predict certain circumstances. Their mind is focused on the future. What has already happened doesn’t interest them. They often strive to achieve a high social status and level of authority. When career growth is mentioned in a conversation, they’ll definitely share their observations on the matter. They love to educate and they love to lecture.

Sometimes their ideas are just like castles of sand. A theory presents greater interest than its practical application. People like this aren’t interested in details or nuance. They don’t get focused on narrow subjects and prefer to look at the full picture.

Like all gamblers, they have a strong intuition. They love dipping their toes in new activities and occupations. Entrepreneurship and advertising are a couple of areas they might be interested in. They’ll also gladly try on the roles of a theatrical or a literary agent. In general, they prefer occupations that involve extensive traveling. Their love for sharing information with others will find application in education or tour guiding.

These people strive to make this world a better place. At the same time, they prefer to ignore their flaws. Among negative traits, there are such as inability to maintain communication with established contacts, inability to make a good impression on people they talk to, tendency to prove their point no matter what or to make personal attacks, stiffness during public speeches and performances, and tendency to impose their opinions on others.

And yet, they are incurable optimists. It’s easy for them to force their ideas on others because they strongly believe in their validity.

Mercury in Sagittarius women are ambitious and confident in their truth no matter what. They often reject any other opinion as they are convinced that theirs is the only right one. To advance their career and reinforce their position at the workplace, they often try to befriend their bosses. While they don’t try to start an intimate relationship with their male bosses, they often get into awkward situations. Sometimes, their behavior might be misinterpreted.

Mercury in Sagittarius men tend to be either overly affable or indiscreet. They speak with great arrogance and enjoy off-color jokes. When they want to get acquainted and show off their intellect, their actions and words are markedly dramatic. They choose this manner of behaving unwittingly and under the influence of the planet. Sometimes, they forget about promises and obligations. At the same time, they are sincere and won’t harbor a grudge. They love traveling and often choose occupations that involve foreign trips.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius makes people less sociable. They find it hard to express their thoughts verbally. And to be able to make public speeches, they’ll need to be prepared for it in advance. Improvising is near impossible for them.

Mercury in retrograde makes them relieve the same old situations over and over again. They often meet people from the past or their relationships with new acquaintances follow old unfortunate scenarios. To leave this vicious circle and go to the next level, analyze the lessons you receive and make the right conclusions.

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