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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Virgo


When positioned in Virgo, Mercury becomes exalted. The planet’s position here is the strongest. It indicates a person who is attractive on the outside, possesses a brilliant mind, is gifted in the matters of business, and pansophic. Exalted Mercury in Virgo makes a person constantly hone their intellectual abilities, enhance their knowledge, and establish business connections. These people tend to dismiss everything insignificant and get to the essence of things. Their mind is like an advanced computer. 

Negative aspects might turn a wise person into a nitpicker. This happens when these people tend to display outstanding abilities by belittling others and trying to find fault with them. To find the right approach to a person like this, learn about the specific qualities of their mind. 

Mercury in Virgo in the natal chart provides the ability to self-organize and self-discipline. Whatever these people do, they are driven by the sense of duty, the highest level of responsibility, and the desire not to let others down. Their reputation is highly important to them. They won’t waste time on any games and meaningless communication. The main thing is to do a specific job and not fritter away their energy. A painstaking job well done brings them the greatest satisfaction.

The natives normally have qualities like patience, logical thinking, observance, and talents for math, literature, languages, and medicine. They prefer to separate facts from emotions. Even when deeply in love, they won’t miss a chance to do a thorough analysis of their partner’s personality and assess all their flaws and advantages. They are hypochondriac and overly critical both towards themselves and others. They don’t tolerate laziness and idleness. These people have a great memory that stores not only events but also the smallest details like the tone of someone’s voice. The influence of the planet manifests in the form of exceptional commercial talents, some degree of avarice, and shrewdness.

Mercury in Virgo women are prone to criticism. However, they display more patience and graciousness than men. Proneness to self-criticism and underrating their strengths sometimes keep them from accepting the genuine confessions of love from their admirers. They pay too much attention to their flaws and sometimes make them seem worse than they really are while being convinced it should be obvious to others. The planet makes these women cautious and careful. From a young age, they learn to think all their steps ahead and not leave any possibility of spontaneity. Once they start a family, they tend to be faithful and devoted partners.

Mercury in Virgo men possess exceptional logical thinking and tend to thoroughly analyze any event or person. Men like this always see what’s the most important, get to the essence of things, and disregard all the secondary factors.  They are good at STEM disciplines and languages. They achieve significant success in business related to commerce. When it comes to women, they are picky; it’s very difficult to meet all their expectations and requirements. However, they are just as demanding to themselves as partners. They love a clean and orderly home and with time, become a homebody. 

Mercury retrograde in Virgo deprives its natives of the ability to relax and enjoy. People like this always try to apply strict logic and analysis in all aspects of life, to break down emotions to their elements. This makes their romantic life significantly watered down. Mercury in retrograde enhances the desire for total control. Any divergence from the chosen course can cause stupor or a nervous breakdown. People like this prefer written speech to speaking out loud. For them, it’s easier to build a logical narrative this way to make others understand what they mean.

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