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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Libra


Venus in Libra in the natal chart is in its domicile. It bestows balance, sophistication, aesthetic appeal to romantic relationships. It provides the natives with good taste and a love for beauty in all its forms. The strong planetary position ensures aestheticism in everything, including intimacy. These people are attracted to the sophisticated men and women who belong to the elite. Sometimes they can even have multiple lovers at once but thanks to their cautiousness and far-sightedness, they never learn about each other.

In the case of negative aspects, Venus in Libra leads to vanity, aggression, and belligerent aestheticism. 

When choosing a partner, the first things they pay attention to are attractive appearance and good manners. They can’t stand rudeness and tactlessness. When it comes to romantic relationships, they need a sense of spiritual closeness; sensuality alone isn’t enough. They strive for harmony in all things, and so they want to have a perfect relationship. Loneliness is a painful experience. To save a failing relationship, they can pretend to be happy and satisfied even when that’s not the case. 

Venus in the House of Libra gives birth to talent for music, art, and literature. The best kind of leisure time is going to a theater, exhibition, or a concert.

Being very diplomatic by nature, they know when they should back down. Even when they choose to insist on their point of view, they do it tactfully and politely, avoiding any complications. They always avoid open conflicts and arguments and try to round off hard corners whenever they can. Their sense of justice and kind heart helps them to make the right decisions. The desire to be liked by everybody sometimes keeps them from saying no and rejecting disadvantageous offers.

Being quite mature sexually, they don’t tend to dive into the whirlpool of passion straight away. For them, sex is more of a fun pastime than a basis for a relationship. However, they don’t mind experimenting and support all the erotic quirks of their partners. 

These people love luxury and in case of unfavorable aspects, they might use illegal methods of achieving their goals. At times like this, they can be flippant and extravagant.

Venus in Libra women have aristocratic features and a stern kind of beauty. They want to surround themselves with expensive things. Their homes are full of custom designs with original artworks. Physical pleasures aren’t enough for them; they long for spiritual and intellectual oneness with their partners. They love flirting but rarely let someone get too close. It’s important for them to feel the attention. Men with low social status can hardly count on their favor. They’ll be happy with someone who has good manners, good looks, and ready to share their sexual fantasies. 

Venus in Libra men are handsome and in constant search of a perfect woman. They know what they want from a partner. From a young age, they have an image of a beautiful, well-groomed woman with regular features, a great body, and long hair. They often court multiple women at a time because they fear being alone. However, once they make their choice, they remain completely devoted to their partner.


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