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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius


Mercury in Aquarius gives birth to thinkers, outstanding scientists, and philosophers. This planet is capable of completely changing the usual way of things. That’s why there are so many trailblazers among these people of science. These people are well-educated and have their views on things they defend during arguments. The truth is the highest priority. They are sincere and slightly shy. But there are also many proud people among them.

Exalted Mercury in Aquarius provides people with an eccentric mind free of prejudices. They tend towards paradoxical thinking. More often than not, they think that only the information that fits in their vision of the world is useful. The planet presents them with the gift of revelations and learning new things in no time. This happens spontaneously, without any effort on their part. Their memory works in strange ways. Sometimes, simple facts get erased or warped, but they can store large amounts of complex scientific information for a long time.

These people have a truly unusual, progressive way of thinking. They tend to reject generally accepted norms and traditions. The statements they make are often considered too liberal and sometimes even vulgar. They also have a penchant for improvisation and sometimes come up with whimsical stories on the fly. At the same time, people around them think what they say is a logically processed piece they learned by heart in advance.

However, their ability to focus is quite low. Sometimes, they jump from one subject to another within minutes. The planet provides them with a vivid imagination, a love for dark humor, and buffoonery. They always feel a great need for personal freedom and can’t stand any restrictions. Friendship is more important to these people than love, and they’ll prefer a party with friends to a quiet evening with a spouse. They propagate free love and rarely experience jealousy.

Those who have Mercury in Aquarius in the natal chart can be extravagant and sometimes others might find them very weird. They love inventing new words, twisting the existing ones, and jumping to paradoxical conclusions. Quite often, they confuse people they talk to by suddenly making the conversation go in a completely different direction. They don’t like to match the expectations of others, so they like perplexing and shocking them. Sometimes, they might come across as cold while never stopping to be polite. These people don’t like to put any limitations on their social circle. They can talk with equal pleasure to a homeless person and to a scientist if they are interesting enough.

They like working in a team of like-minded people. In this kind of environment, their ideas grow to be something more than when they work alone. Unfavorable aspects might cause the breaking of connections and crossing the lines. To avoid getting a reputation of a weirdo, Mercury in Aquarius people should from time to time go down to earth and dial down their eccentricity a notch.

Mercury in Aquarius women are optimists with bubbly disposition and wittiness. They can establish connections with anyone, no matter the social status. They favor occult knowledge, astrology, and psychological practices. These ladies are looking for a man with similar interests, regardless of their level of financial security.

Mercury in Aquarius men are liberal rebels who reject publicly accepted values. Quite often, they refuse to accept the traditional perspective on family. They choose partners that don’t like to stay in one place for a long time, can make a holiday out of nothing, and love extreme entertainment. In short, a kindred spirit. Their eloquence, intelligence, and artistic talent help them to advance their career. When it comes to money, they often spend it on flashy trinkets, ignoring things that are really useful.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is a two-way street. Under its influence, the native might become offish and refuse to share their ideas and discoveries with the world fearing they might be rejected. On the other hand, they insist on imposing their utopian ideas on others fancying themselves as crackpot inventors.

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