Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Aquarius


Venus in Aquarius makes romantic relationships extraordinary to the point of weirdness. Those who experience the influence of the planet often choose unusual people as partners, those who can really stand out in a crowd. The way they look doesn’t matter. In a relationship like this, they get a chance to liberate themselves and feel the power of sensual self-fulfillment.

These people strive for everything new which often means they often change partners and sometimes do that mindlessly and without good reason. Someone capable of unexpected, eccentric actions can spark their interest. But as soon as they lose the feeling of novelty, they lose interest in the relationship too.

Venus in Aquarius in the natal chart shapes the native’s perspective on marriage as an open arrangement with no strings attached. They put friendship and respect for their partner’s independence first. There are obvious positive sides to this because it keeps them from focusing all their attention on their partners and helps them avoid unhealthy attachments. 

Their views on the beauty are unconventional, the line between beauty and ugliness are blurred in their mind. Other people sometimes find it hard to understand whether what they enjoy is beautiful or repulsive. One might think that their sense of balance and harmony is seriously warped.

They are adventurous. If nothing unexpected happens, they set out looking for adventures. Sameness gets them tired and keeps them unlocking their potential to the fullest. 

Venus in the House of Aquarius offers release from the torture of jealousy and possessiveness. Even though they sometimes do feel jealous, love and friendship that sets both partners free still come first. Lack of passion is compensated by gentleness and forgiveness.  

Sometimes they get seriously concerned with the issues of rebuilding the imperfect world around them. In case of negative aspects, they get into conflict with the surrounding people. But they don’t care about the opinions of other people and base their actions on their own vision of moral standards.

The influence of the planet manifests in the form of sociability and the ability to make friends from all walks of life. They are difficult to understand but easy to talk to. They are artists and innovators who run ahead of their time. They have a talent for healing and magic. 

Venus in Aquarius women keep their hearts half-vacant. They reserve the right to leave and come back again whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, they might feel like they are ready to get married. But soon afterward, they start getting annoyed by all the restrictions imposed by the marital ties. They need their income, social circle, and interests. An extraordinary man who stands out in a crowd and is full of ideas will be able to win their heart.

Venus in Aquarius men look for unusual, confident, stunning women free of insecurities. They value their freedom above all and can’t stand controlling and jealous partners. They prefer equal relationships that look more like friendships but with a bonus of sex. They want their partners to understand what personal space is.


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