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Venus in Cancer


Venus in Cancer makes people extremely sensitive and vulnerable. This vulnerability often hides behind the mask of solemnity. The planet makes the need for understanding and acceptance painful and vitally important. These people are looking for a loving heart all their life. Once they create a fairly successful family, they still feel doubtful and want more. When they don’t get constant proof of love, they see relationships as failed.

In case of unfavorable aspects, they become tearful, sentimental and prone to uncontrollable emotional outbursts. Sensuality in women is strong to the point they sometimes find it hard to say no. Men, on the other hand, sometimes suffer from the “mama’s boy” syndrome. Quite often, they look for an older partner to start a relationship with. They love to feel cared for and when others save them from loneliness. Their strong attachment to parents sometimes makes it hard for them to create a family of their own.

Venus in Cancer in the natal chart provides people with an unquenchable thirst for love and at the same time, deprives them of any initiative. They will suffer but won’t even try to take any steps to change anything.

They feel deeply hurt upon hearing harsh words, but they are also able to hurt others by aiming at other people’s weaknesses. After that, however, they will feel bad and torture themselves for a long time.

These people are often short-sighted in that they are constantly trying to separate themselves from the world and ignore reality by focusing their attention on the surrounding beauty.

Venus in the House of Cancer makes people get fixated on sensual memories and idealize them. In their daydreams, they see themselves as lovers and heroes.

They try to become one whole with their partners, to absorb them. They do all they can to sense how their partners feel and when they fail to do that, they bug them with intrusive questions trying to understand if everything is alright. When they see that their partner is in a bad mood, they start feeling guilty even when they have nothing to do with it.

Venus in Cancer women are compassionate and capable of making sacrifices. Naturally beautiful, they are often not too happy when it comes to the romantic side of life. They are attracted to men who hit rock bottom. Showing their compassion, they try to help them get on their feet and get rid of alcoholism or other addictions. The planet turns emotional impulses into a habit and very soon, they start seeing unhealthy relationships as normal. In their eyes, their unreliable partners turn into children who need their care and who won’t make it without their assistance. In a healthy relationship, however, these women are sincerely devoted and faithful to their partners. They are prone to hypochondria and exaggerations. Sometimes, they take their modesty for contempt and rejection. A strong-willed, self-sufficient man would be a perfect partner for them.

Venus in Cancer men are idealists and daydreamers. They want all their partners’ interests and thoughts to be focused on them only. They need mother's love and care and often choose partners who remind them of their mother. In marriage, they see their partner as a housewife and a housekeeper rather than a sexual partner. This might put a damper on their relationship. Venus retrograde in Cancer can cause the Oedipus complex. Their dependence on their parents and attachment to them keep them from building healthy personal relationships. They often apply their conflict-related childhood experiences to their existing relationships and try to settle it. However, lacking the experience of a mature person, they fail. It’s recommended that they stop wallowing in the events of the past and live in real life.

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