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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Scorpio


Moon in Scorpio gives its natives contradictory qualities. On the one hand, there’s strong intuition, the ability to get to the essence of things and see right through people, a rich inner world, sensuality, and patience. On the other, increased anxiety and poor restraint. Sometimes, they suffer from pangs of guilt but the very next moment they can turn into vengeful, jealous people.

More often than not, these people are fearless fighters for justice who strive to protect the weak. In extreme situations, they are capable of focusing and displaying the best qualities. And in regular life, they can be unstable and impulsive. Quite often, they are prepared to respond to any blow, even the most unexpected. It’s hard to catch them unawares and force them to give up.

Moon in Scorpio in the natal chart makes people emotional and dependent on their feelings. In the case of negative aspects, they tend to project their flaws on others, which leads to excessive insistence on high standards and irritability. This can be fixed with the help of self-analysis that allows them to separate their true needs from whims and nitpicks.

At low levels of spiritual growth, they are hard to please, and it’s difficult to get their approval. Their dissatisfaction with everything they see is often followed by sexual frustration. Spiritually advanced people are capable of taming their base instincts and selfishness for the greater purpose.

Sometimes, they prefer staying tight-mouthed for a long time which creates a tense atmosphere. People around them find it hard to understand their secretive nature that can open up only to a few chosen people.

For them, it’s vitally important to maintain control over all events.

When it comes to friendships and enmities, they tend to go to extremes. They are devoted and jealous towards friends and ruthless to enemies. Ill-wishers rarely want to confront them. They remember every little offense and often wait for an opportune moment to deal a blow. Their suppressed feelings and hardboard grudges destroy their soul. It’s recommended to get rid of negative emotions.

These people are passionate lovers and sex plays a significant role in their lives. They often get very possessive.

Moon in Scorpio women are eccentric, stunning, and charming. They are very sexy. The way to their heart lies through physical pleasures. They are practical, calculating, and energetic by nature. They rarely enjoy doing household chores but they will be a reliable partner and strong support for their spouses.

Moon in Scorpio men are prone to jealousy and require constant tension in a relationship. They are passionate and unstoppable. With time, relationships become more balanced  they find their inner peace. A mysterious and sexy woman that attracts them like a magnet would be a perfect partner.


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