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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Taurus


Mercury affects your thinking speed. But once it’s in Taurus that’s known for its patience, it turns a native into a more cautious person. This planetary position creates great bullheads. People like this will defend their point of view to the last and prove it methodically and stubbornly. They might analyze the situation and change their mind but only later. But there is no point to expect them to change their views. Early in life, they need more time to digest information. Their tardiness is compensated by their great diligence and commitment. With age, their memory gets stronger and is able to store a lot of facts.

Mercury in Taurus provides a person with traits like practicality, conservatism, consideration, friendliness, faithfulness. These people are lovers of good food and comfort, they appreciate beauty and art. They approve of humor but rarely joke themselves. They prefer expensive, high-quality things but might be somewhat stingy. A great eye for profit allows them to become successful in business.

Mercury in Taurus women are charming and patient. They are great listeners who join a conversation only when they feel passionate about the subject of discussion. They like talking about shopping, makeup, their professional life. When they need to defend their views, they can turn into fierce opponents. But this rarely happens because in this case, Mercury is under the rulership of Venus, which makes these women able to see things from different perspectives and steer conversations into a peaceful course.

Mercury in Taurus men are extremely amorous in their young years. However, once they choose the object of admiration, they’ll stay faithful. Conquering their heart isn’t hard. All a woman has to do is to be clean, well-groomed, and be able to cook. Mercury in Taurus men don’t bend over backward to climb the social ladder. They are often satisfied with executive positions and prefer high income to power.

Those with Mercury retrograde in Taurus can be considered slow on the uptake. Sometimes, it takes them a while to digest the information they get. But the reason for their hesitance isn’t poor mental agility but the desire to derive as much benefit from it as possible.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus affects the ability and desire to use the accumulated knowledge and experience. These people collect information greedily, but this information finds no application and turns into dead weight. They are thorough and scrupulous and will sift through a lot of scientific works slowly and thoroughly to form their opinion on this subject or another. And once they are done, they’ll share this opinion with others in the most exhaustive and needlessly detailed way.

People with Mercury retrograde in Taurus often get stuck with the same long-standing relationships. They try to keep in contact even when these relationships and feelings have long become a thing of the past.

Mercury in Taurus in the natal chart indicates practicality, conservatism, insistence, regularity. People like this always get things done and are famous for their patience. They can’t stand it when someone tries to urge them to make decisions.

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