Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Pisces


Venus in Pisces is exalted. It makes its natives very emotional and provides them with the need to get completely absorbed in their partner. They need to satisfy their feelings by experiencing affectionate touching and embracing. They are completely devoid of egotism and are always ready for self-sacrifice. 

This planetary position is especially favorable to women. They become the conductors of universal love and focus it on a certain person. They are perfect wives and mothers. They tend to get married without a single calculating thought in their mind. But to fully unlock their loving potential, they must see the initiative and emotional response coming from their partner.

In case of unfavorable aspects, their sensitivity becomes too obvious and too obtrusive. This keeps them from living peacefully and building healthy relationships. In situations like this, they become hypochondriac, easily offended, prone to temper tantrums, and demanding reciprocated emotions.

In terms of friendly communication, they are gentle, compassionate, genuinely interested, and generous. Venus in Pisces in the natal chart makes the natives favorites of any company and team they are a part of. However, sometimes people abuse their kindheartedness and desire to sacrifice their interests for the benefit of others.

Their esthetic sense develops in a peaceful, secure environment. There must be the possibility to dive into the process and to explore their inner world. Those who don’t have such a possibility feel the discrepancy between their illusions and reality. Venus in the House of Pisces provides people with a love for classical music, dramatic theater, and poetry.

Sometimes, they might face situations when people try to bad-mouth them. After overcoming all obstacles and shedding lots of tears, they achieve the level of spirituality when these attempts don’t hurt them any longer.

Venus in Pisces women have quite an exalted vision of the world around them at a young age. Like children, they are still waiting for their Prince Charming who will turn their life into a fairy-tale. Later in life, they tend to stick to these illusions. Grown ladies continue to believe in exceptional love and a kind magical man. Once they fall in love, they are ready to make sacrifices. They adopt all habits and interests of their partners and get lost in them completely. This kind of attitude often makes them easy victims of marriage fraudsters. To avoid disappointments, they should realize and accept their value. 

Venus in Pisces men have a gentle and timid soul. They are very lenient and will love their partners no matter what, whether they are sick, tired, or annoyed. At the same time, they expect the same level of care from their partners. Their best qualities come to life in romantic relationships. They get married when they deeply, genuinely fall in love. Their partner’s past and financial status don’t matter. They are men of many talents and often choose creative occupations.


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