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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Venus in Taurus


Venus in Taurus is in its domicile and plays a significant role in one’s life. Its influence gives birth to attachments and emotions that grow slowly. A highly adaptable person will take their time to establish a harmonious relationship.

The planet’s influence is highly favorable for the social sphere and personal relationships. People with Venus in the House of Taurus are very sociable, warm-hearted, and charming. They express their feelings through expensive gifts and pleasant surprises and not so much through words. They like stability and comfort and because of this, are rarely unfaithful to their partners. A partner who is beautiful in every respect, both inside and outside, will easily win their heart. Great lovers of beauty in all its forms, they appreciate graceful speech and sophisticated manners. They are strongly against any vulgarity or crassness.

There is a tendency for self-reflection and relationship analysis. The planet provides people with the desire for love, but love based on passionate sex. Usually, people under the planet’s influence are tireless and passionate lovers. Sometimes, they even find it hard to tell feelings from sex drive. Sharing love and care between the sheets, they need to be touched and feel the affection of their partner.

Relationships grow only in a secure and peaceful environment. To break up a relationship, they need compelling reasons. Patient and forgiving, they find the experience of breaking up extremely painful.

Venus in Taurus in the natal chart gives birth to a true hedonist. They prefer sophisticated food, tasteful, luxurious environments, and comfort. They create their own image thoroughly and painstakingly. When dating someone, they will pay special attention to what they wear and how well they eat. These people see no point in romantic gestures if they are not supported with material gifts. They always have some money to spare. Since their early years, they need physical affection; it’s extremely important to them. Teenagers would demand that they have expensive clothes and gadgets.

Venus in Taurus women makes these ladies human magnets. They don’t always have a striking appearance, but they always possess an irresistible sex appeal. Usually, they choose men who are reliable and financially secure. Family traditions and values are very important to them as well. When they have to choose between a beautiful body and delicious food, they’d choose the former. In rare cases, they are prone to stress eating.

Venus in Taurus men are elegant, love beautiful things, comfort, and cozy, well-organized home. They also prefer flawless-looking women. Their partner has to be both a socialite and a perfect housewife. They love to pamper their loved ones, showering them with gifts. They know how to make money and tend to build savings.

Venus retrograde in Taurus dooms the natives to unhealthy attachments to past relationships. Loves that have run their course keep troubling them and affect existing relationships. This gives birth to a feeling of incompleteness, lack of closure, which keeps them from being truly invested in what they have now. Sometimes, Venus in retrograde makes people retreat into their shells, become quiet and moody. At the same time, they experience the acute need for the support of their friends and family. If they don’t get it, they feel like the whole world ignores them.

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