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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Taurus


Moon in Taurus is exalted, which means it’s in its strongest position. It makes its natives practical, steady, striving for stability. They are highly intelligent and can easily focus on what’s the most important. These people are thoughtful, wise, a little phlegmatic and have a personal opinion on every little thing. Sometimes they can’t help but be influenced by their own emotions.

Their perseverance sometimes borders on stubbornness and pertness. Despite a certain share of laziness, they always do the jobs they are entrusted with responsibly and thoroughly. People trust them and think they can be relied on.

These people are picky eaters and love delicious food which sometimes affects the way they look. Sometimes, they compensate for a lack of emotional satisfaction with exquisite foods. Later in life, few of them are physically fit and lean. Moon in Taurus in the natal chart makes them settle in peaceful places. They prefer quiet suburbs or the countryside where life is slow-paced, and they don’t have to run anywhere. They hate it when people try to hasten them and don’t give them time to think. 

They are generous and lenient and treat those they love with special warmth and can forgive a lot. They enjoy spending time in the company of the opposite sex quite much and are loyal friends. 

As a rule, the Moon provides them with a healthy, stable psyche. However, in a serious situation, they might display their inability to adapt and quickly react to what’s happening. In an uncomfortable environment, the risk of a nervous breakdown gets much higher. Their perfect place is a cozy home with luxurious decor and delicious food.

In the case of negative aspects, they get extremely lazy, passive, display too strong an attachment to material things, and lack interest in spiritual food. 

Moon in Taurus women are amazing housekeepers, considerate spouses, and kind-hearted mothers. They put family values first. They are practical, thrifty, and are often good cooks. They love hosting guests and do their best to make them feel comfortable in their homes. They’ll be happy with a man who won’t try to prompt them to make decisions and will prove his reliability and stability.

Moon in Taurus men have stable personalities who don’t like changes and strive for stability in all things. They appreciate the comfort of home and do everything to improve it. They also do everything they can to ensure their financial security. They are faithful husbands and great fathers. Kind-hearted women with a compliant disposition and the potential to be great homemakers attract these men the most.


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