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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Gemini


Mercury in Gemini in the natal chart brings great fortune. It endows a person with acumen, a great sense of humor, social skills, and the ability to establish connections. In this case, the planet is in domicile. The native doesn’t just do all it takes to get information and desire to learn as much as possible; they can also apply this information in practice. Like a magnet, they attract information flow as soon as they show interest in some news. That’s why they always know what is going on both around them and in the world in general. Their sense of language and style is flawless.

People with Mercury in Gemini are great friends. But it might be difficult to impose any business or romantic relationships on them. If the native isn’t ready to be a faithful and devoted partner, no one will be able to force them to stay.

The planet endows people with contradictory qualities. They change their mind quickly, tend to be hot-tempered, and are often unable to keep secrets. In arguments, they fall into faultfinding and can use their words to hurt others. They might also show a tendency for frequently moving from place to place.

The planet provides the native with unusual elocution, language aptitude, subtle sense of humor, and talent of finding a way out of every complicated situation.

Mercury in Gemini men with the planet in a favorable position are endowed with qualities close to genius. In a medium position, it makes men great speakers capable of charming any audience. Men like this become successful as writers, journalists, tradesmen, or artists. Being very amorous, they are unable to be constant in love. They are attracted by the intellectual potential of new partners while the sensual aspect of relationships takes a backseat. A true intellectual with an uncomplicated character will be able to win their heart.

When it comes to ladies, Mercury in Gemini women are confident and successful in many areas of life. It’s all thanks to their flexibility of mind, ability to adapt to fast-changing situations, and lack of illusions. Their liking for flirting and witty humor attract men. These women can unlock their potential by working as actresses, educators, journalists. If the planet’s position is weakened, there’s a risk of becoming a schemer or a gossiper. These women apply the massive amounts of information they collect according to their spiritual level.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini prevents the native from expressing their thoughts and ideas clearly, even though they have lots of these. Besides, there’s a tendency to start working on multiple tasks at the same time and then leaving them uncompleted. They have to work on building willpower, self-organization, and thought control. These men are quite comfortable during all phases of Mercury in retrograde. It’s thanks to the duplicitous nature of the sign and their innate ability to adapt. They can be at different levels of thinking at once. This quality manifests itself in frequent attempts at hypocrisy.

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