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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Capricorn


Moon in Capricorn is exiled. Quite often, this means delayed emotional development. These people have a great memory and are very determined. 

They enjoy creating problems and try to focus their attention on solving a specific problem while disregarding many other factors. 

They keep their feelings and emotions to themselves and protect them from undesired attention. Their experiences remain hidden inside and are never displayed in front of other people. Sometimes, they are afraid of a negative response and tend to be shy. They are also afraid of emotional dependency. Others might think they are completely emotionless, but that’s just because they can’t see their pain and suffering.

These people take life seriously and choose to be materialistic. They work hard to achieve financial independence and be able to provide for their family. In case of negative aspects, they can be extremely calculating, harsh, and hungry for power. They might not even notice their attempts to get to the top at the expense of others. At a high spiritual level, they tend to be responsible and reliable.

Moon in Capricorn in the natal chart provides people with amazing self-control and a sober outlook on life which unfortunately doesn’t always protect them from disappointments and depression. They are cautious about changes and try to avoid them as much as they can. Quite often, they calculate their steps in advance to be able to steer events in the desired course.

They dominate in personal relationships. In most cases, they lack the desire to procreate and love for children. But if they do get married and have children, they are driven by a sense of duty. 

Their most prominent traits are discipline, patience, sensibility, forbearance, tactfulness, depth of spirit, ability to listen to others, and compassion. Sometimes, they are prone to depressions and apathetic conditions. The grudges they hold might lead to psychosomatic disorders. 

Moon in Capricorn women strive for social and professional growth. They are independent and see their own success in business as a priority. However, these qualities might complicate their relationships, But if they decide to start a family, they will get what they want. They don’t enjoy household chores or cooking. Their work at home is automatized as much as possible and gives them some time for working on personal projects and spending time with children.

Moon in Capricorn men find it hard to start relationships with women because they are used to distancing themselves from others. They don’t have a strong sense of what women want and feel and often tend to be cold and inconsiderate. Usually, before finally finding their happiness, they have to go through quite a few disappointments.


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