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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Mercury retrograde in Pisces


Mercury in Pisces is weakened and imparts people with vague, blurry thinking. Critical thinking and analytical skills are low; creative thinking is at its highest. People like this sometimes find it hard to tell fantasy from reality and vice versa. Their proneness to idealizing things and people and vivid imagination keeps them from assessing the actual state of things. They are great students who absorb information on an intuitive level. All it takes is feeding them some facts, and they’ll intuitively build connections between them. This happens thanks to their ability to see the full picture, enter the informational flow.

Mercury in Pisces in the natal chart signifies a sensitive, vulnerable soul that needs protection, attachment, and kindness. They don’t aim for material benefit, they trust people easily and are often poorly adjusted for real life. The planet gives them the ability to emphasize with others, to see the world with their eyes. They possess the gift of foresight and have a special love for mysticism. Their emotional state plays a significant role in their life. Depression can throw them off their stride for a long time.

The influence of the planet often manifests in how they communicate. These people prefer to operate with imaginative concepts than logic. Sometimes, other people find it hard to make sense of the flood of words. They like expressing their thoughts in writing when they can put aside everything unimportant and come to the point. Sometimes, they even broadcast information from finer planes. These people make great preachers. Their speech is flexible, deft, and flowery. Thanks to it, they can escape from any awkward situations and issues in a conversation. However, they are sometimes painfully shy when it comes to speaking in public. When the planet is in detriment, they get dubious and chatty.

Mercury in Pisces gives birth to poets and not to scientists. Music and other kinds of art are easy to understand under its influence. They often fail as they try to translate their creative thinking into the language of the mundane and fall into a state of disadvantage even if they are highly intelligent.

Strong intuition often allows them to understand what people will say even before they actually start talking. Quite often, the intuitive vision of a person they get even before meeting them in person turns out to be correct.

Mercury in Pisces women are kind and sympathetic. They hate routine work. To feel truly satisfied they need to know the results of their creativity get the recognition they deserve. However, the systematic labor of writing poems and painting isn’t their cup of tea either. Being afraid of criticism, they often create their works of art hiding behind a pseudonym. The feeling of love presents a powerful stimulus: their inspiration emerges from the flow of emotions. The results might shock even them. If they choose a serious occupation, they have to put on a mask of a compliant employee or a strict leader.

Mercury in Pisces men see esoteric roots in all events around them. Trying to understand the essence of things, they become great psychologists, researchers, or priests. Sometimes, they find it hard to focus on large amounts of work. Other people often abuse their willingness to help. These men are prone to idealizing and romanticizing their romantic interests.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes the native passive, hesitant, and apathetic. They tend to broadcast the ideas others come up with but can’t create something personally. Because of their susceptibility to suggestion and gullibility, they often become the victim of deceit. Their hypochondria leads to moodiness and distrust for their friends and family.

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