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Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Cancer


Moon in Cancer is in its domicile. It endows its natives with susceptibility, the ability to feel other people on a subconscious level, and strong intuition. Sometimes, they are reserved and suspicious and prone to innocent fantasies. They can withdraw into their shell so completely that their inner world and emotions become stronger than external influences. Sometimes it seems like they exist outside the real events.

The Moon phases affect them significantly. At the time of the phase change, they might experience inexplicable anxiety. The mental state of the people with the Moon in Cancer in the natal chart is unstable; they are extremely vulnerable. They experience frequent mood swings and tend to daydream. This becomes especially noticeable when they lack warmth, comfort, and security in real life. They rarely open up to strangers and only those they trust completely can be let inside their world of fantasies. With the slightest suspicion that someone might hurt them, they retreat into their shell and become wary. 

A trusting relationship with someone they love and comfortable home, are the values that make their happiness possible. Even as independent grownups, they often feel a strong attachment to their mother and the place of their birth. 

Qualities like tactfulness, politeness, gentleness, warmheartedness, diligence, patience, and a certain unworldliness are the most prominent. 

The planet provides its natives with the ability to avoid mental and physical burnout, stop when necessary, and give themselves a break. Caring about themselves and their family is the most important thing. It’s easy for them to create a peaceful and warm environment at home.

At the same time, the Moon leaves no space for personal growth. When they feel comfortable and safe, they show no intention to go out of their comfort zone. Many events that might present a stimulus that will make them move forward go unnoticed.

Moon in Cancer women possess all the truly feminine, motherly qualities. They are dreamy, romantic, compassionate, and love children. Motherhood is their ultimate purpose in life. Sometimes their sensitivity makes them overly sentimental. They make the choice of a life partner very seriously. This partner must have similar values. One can win them over by showing genuine care, letting them know he takes marriage and raising children seriously.

Moon in Cancer men have typically feminine qualities. This, however, doesn’t take their masculinity away. They are great housemakers, strongly attached to family and children, and very sensitive. A man like this is a great catch for a woman who wants to be happily married. Their perfect woman is the one that reminds them of their mother. Or it’s the other way around, and they are looking for someone infantile to care about.


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