Astromix stands with Ukraine

Astromix stands with Ukraine

Moon in Pisces


Moon in Pisces emphasizes a yielding, gentle disposition. These people are observant and sensitive and often feel torn when they have to make important decisions. They are romantic and prone to daydreaming and fantasizing. Seemingly weak, they confidently move towards their goals once a decision is made.

They are susceptible to external influence, and sometimes they just can’t say no. Others often abuse their generosity. They are capable of making sacrifices for the sake of their loved ones. They are impressionable and sentimental and can easily be moved to tears when reading a book or watching a movie.

Furthermore, they have strong intuition and see the essence of things but when it comes to relationships, they tend to see the best in people due to their natural kindness. It takes a long time and many painful disappointments to make them more cautious and critical. 

Moon in Pisces in the natal chart indicates a deep inner world. They easily memorize information and try to get to its source. The ability to sense the essence of events, both present, and future ones, makes them great psychics and learners of the occult.

In the case of negative aspects, they might develop an addiction to alcohol and drugs. This happens because of the divide between their perfect vision of the world and reality. If this divide is too big, they escape to the illusionary world created by addictive substances. Negative aspects also give birth to hypochondria, suspicion, and a sense of unfairness. They can be extremely shy.

Their vivid imagination and desire to achieve harmony in all things find a way out of creative activities. They might be good at music and poetry. Due to the lack of strength of character, they rarely stand out in a crowd. Besides, they never try to prove anything when it comes to open confrontation. They believe that true values are inside one’s soul.

Moon in Pisces women are compliant, kind, diligent, and caring. They are great wives and mothers, they keep family traditions and protect their values. They develop strong attachments to their children. The desire to take care of others prepares them for a career in medicine, education, or psychology. One can win their heart by letting them express their thoughts and ideas during deep conversations and letting them be alone from time to time.

Moon in Pisces men are extremely vulnerable. Sometimes they need support. They are looking for a partner who would understand their apprehensions and anxieties. Their fears, doubts, and illusions keep them from finding the right partner. Even during critical moments, they might feel the need to escape. If they are lucky to meet a kind, understanding woman, they’ll be willing to spend the rest of their lives with them.


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