Exact birth time Rectification

What is Horoscope Rectification?

The most accurate individual horoscope can be created on the base of a natal chart. It is calculated based on the exact date and time of a person's birth. Even a five-minute error can produce very significant distortion. During that time, the ruling planet can change its position, and an essential factor of influence will stay unnoticed. Therefore, any astrologer starts the drawing up of a natal chart by asking for the exact time of birth.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to know the exact time of birth. This data is often lost, especially in adulthood, when it is impossible to clarify this information with parents. There is a way to restore the time of birth using astrology, going from the opposite. According to habits, character traits, and past events, it is possible to define the leading planet of the horoscope and correspondingly determine the exact time of birth. This process is called a birth time rectification by the ruling planet.

Horoscope rectification is an algorithm for determining the exact time of birth based on significant events that have occurred in the past.

Why is Exact Time so Important?

The planets go through the natal circle at different speeds. The fastest planets are the Moon and Mercury: they can move from one zodiac sign to another during the day. Such a transition can affect character traits and critical life events.

But even more important is the position of the Ascendant (ASC). The calculation of astrological houses' location starts from ASC, so it is crucial in forecasting. The Ascendant is the top, border, or cusp of the first house, it is vital in life, and its sign can say a lot about a person. Its importance for understanding personality traits is as essential as your ascending sign.

On average, the Ascendant changes its sign approximately every 2 hours, and this gives a large error if you do not know the exact time.

How to Determine Your Exact Time of Birth?

If you don't know the exact time of birth, it doesn't matter. You can use the birth time rectification service and then start creating a natal chart. The birth time rectification online is available on our website. You can use our free birth time rectification service or address it to a professional astrologer.

You can also buy the birth time rectification report from astrologers. The cost of rectification is calculated individually and depends on how accurately you know your time of birth.

Knowing the exact time of birth is the key to successful astrological consultations and accurate forecasting.