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Venus in the natal chart

Venus in the natal chart

Venus in the natal chart symbolizes everything related to feelings and emotions. It reflects relationships between lovers, affects one’s social status, their ability to enjoy life and experience pleasures. Venus can also tell you about your perfect partner.

The Meaning of Venus in the natal chart

Venus is one of the most important planets in a woman’s horoscope. It characterizes a woman specifically in terms of gender and affects all elements and all signs it’s positioned in:

  • Venus in a fire sign bestows bravery, generosity, and energetic nature.
  • Venus in an air sign will offer such qualities as open-heartedness, flirtiness, and ingenuousness.
  • Venus in a fire element signifies patience and gravity.
  • Venus in a water sign signifies a gentle, romantic, sensitive spirit.

Venus positioned in the Houses of a woman’s natal chart plays a significant role. It helps to understand which qualities have to be enhanced to become more attractive and improve relationships with men. Venus in retrograde in Opposition signifies tensions that need to be addressed, especially in case Venus opposes Mars, Sun, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

Venus in a man’s natal chart is the image of a perfect woman. His preferences for the future partner’s appearance and character depend on which sign Venus is positioned in. Square aspects that involve Venus in a man’s natal chart may indicate possible reasons for relationship issues.

By comparing Venus’s aspects in a man’s birth chart with those in a woman’s natal chart, one can see how strong their relationship will be and what relationship aspects have to be addressed. There are quite a lot of Venus aspects to interpret. To get accurate and detailed results, we recommend that you order a horoscope from a professional astrologer.