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Natal Aspects

Natal Aspects

When reading a natal chart, you have to pay special attention to the aspects. What do aspects mean in the context of a natal chart? First of all, they affect personality traits. There are a few main aspects that can have both favorable or negative effects.

Aspects are angular relationships between planets. Indicative aspects are reflected in the dominant personality traits. Planets’ characteristics may vary according to the type of aspect.

Key aspects

Aspects can be negative or harmonious. The former means that planets are in a friendly relationship and the latter means they are in a hostile relationship. Determining the dominant aspects allows learning a great deal about a person. Interpretation of the aspects in the natal chart helps to determine one’s talents, internal conflicts, readiness for action.

The Major aspects:

  • Opposition. The angle between planets is 180 degrees. It indicates a complicated situation that needs a compromise to be solved. The Opposition aspect may predict breakups and losses.
  • Trine. The angle between planets is 120 degrees. This is a very favorable aspect that symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and energy.
  • Square. The angle between planets is 90degrees. This aspect implies possible difficulties and untapped opportunities and indicates that planet roles might need to be tuned to each other.
  • Sextile. The angle between planets is 60 degrees. This is a positive aspect but it implies that certain effort is needed to achieve the desired results.
  • Conjunction. There is no angle. Two planets are in the same sign at the same angle and their energies are unified. Additionally, the Conjunction is largely affected by other planets that are currently connected to it by certain aspects.

Both positive and negative major aspects in the natal chart allow determining possible twists of fate with a high degree of accuracy. If you want to get a detailed interpretation of these aspects, order a horoscope created by a professional astrologer.