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Jupiter in the natal chart

Jupiter in the natal chart

Jupiter is the planet related to spiritual, cultural, and social growth, as well as good luck. It can tell if one will be fortunate, whether they will achieve success without investing too much effort. This is the planet of easy-going, cheerful, carefree people who are protected from troubles by life itself.

Jupiter helps to reveal talents and creative skills. A strong Jupiter bestows success in even the most complicated plans. People with a strong Jupiter in their natal chart are not afraid of taking chances and win in any situation. Jupiter provides courage and resolve, as well as the propensity for extreme entertainment.

Jupiter in retrograde indicates the necessity to work on one’s inner self. An individual with Jupiter retrograde will achieve success by overcoming a path of thorns. People like this shouldn’t take chances or take part in questionable events. It’s important for them not to be afraid to be in public and display their talents. In that case, they’ll be successful.

Women with a strong Jupiter in their natal chart are very intuitive and see prophetic dreams. Jupiter placed in a House can tell which areas of activity might be the most successful. In a man’s birth chart, this celestial body indicates adventurous nature and desire for novelty. People like this like taking chances and are very fortunate at the same time. But being fortunate isn’t enough for success; serious self-improvement is required.

The Square or Opposition aspects of Jupiter bear a lot of tension. It’s important to analyze them thoroughly to understand what things exactly require working-through. For example, Jupiter square Moon indicates the fight for one’s place in the sun but this will help develop the sense of justice and ability to help others.

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