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Moon in the natal chart

Moon in the natal chart

The Moon in the natal chart, whether it belongs to a man or a woman, determines the subconscious, self-determination, and self-perception. It reflects one’s emotional development, as well as one’s relationship with their mother. The Moon is associated with the water element and color white.

The Meaning of the Moon in the natal chart

The Moon is a reflection of one’s inner world, feelings, emotions, hopes. The Moon in a woman’s birth chart symbolizes fertility, as well as the need to take care of and protect her children. The strength of a woman’s need for creating a family depends on which sign the Moon is positioned in. For example, the Moon in Cancer would say a woman longs to have children and is capable of creating a comfortable environment and being a homemaker. The Moon in Gemini would signify conflicts between a woman and her mother and desire to put off the idea of starting a family until later.

For a woman, the Moon is more than just family and children. It’s also about emotions, fears, concerns. The favorable Moon helps to build harmonious relationships, to be better at housekeeping and parenting. An unfavorable position may indicate aggression, proneness to conflict, and struggling with emotional control.

In a man’s natal chart, the Moon reflects a relationship with his mother, as well as all the qualities that this man finds attractive in women. Waxing Moon signifies the ability to attract women and build relationships. Waning Moon indicates relationship issues and dependence on the mother.

The Moon positioned in the Houses of a birth chart indicates outstanding traits and offers recommendations regarding the areas of life one can be successful in. When analyzing the influence of the Moon, it’s important to pay attention to its aspects. The aspects of the Moon in the natal chart are interpreted based on events and psychological characteristics. Because the Moon is a very personal planet that reflects one’s personality traits and qualities.

The Moon in the natal chart says a lot about a person and personal relationships. To learn more, order a horoscope from a professional astrologer.