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Mars in 12th Houses

Mars in 12th Houses

What does Mars in the 12th house mean? Mars is an active planet that makes us move and pursue our desires. When we get in the 12th house, we can't fully realize ourselves. This house symbolizes solitude, comfort, and restraint. Mars in the 12th house in the natal chart tells us that it will be hard for us to get what we need. Willing to act, the person might feel a lack of energy and vitality, as if some external force was blocking them. On the other hand, they grow spiritually. Rich imagination allows them to pursue goals intuitively.

Mars in the 12th house makes you accept your fate and not go against your destiny. Having a birth chart like that creates the impression of an inert person. No one considers them adventurous people. The native is secretive, prefers not to talk about their business. They like to work in a private room behind closed doors. The jobs to do with confidentiality or secrecy suit them best.

When Mars is in 12th house of a Man, it makes him a cautious, furtive, and prudent observer. The native doesn't tolerate when others interfere with his business. He tries to restrain recklessness and takes crucial decisions by making sure the circumstances are right. He can be preparing an action plan for a very long time, but he consistently achieves what he wants. Men sometimes feel the influence of fate on their life, and start to believe in it. After learning life lessons, they try not to go against God's will. The man is not an unconditional leader, but those around him note his generosity, compassion, and willingness to come to the rescue.

When Mars in the 12th house effect is that a Woman makes her choose a spiritually rich, noble, and creatively gifted companion. Sometimes such women live with foreigners. With the weak Mars, their husband may have poor health or can get broke.

Mars in the 12th house in Synastry describes the relationship as follows. If the aspects are positive, your partner's Mars in your 12th house encourages spiritual purification, bringing many things to life at a high level. It develops humility, complacency, a brighter attitude to the world, moreover, karmic problems work out. In an adverse position, your moral strength could get exploited, which could have long-term consequences.

Being in an unfriendly sector, the planet exhibits negative qualities. However, Mars in the 12th house, in conjunction with favorable planets, is sensitive to them and mitigates its influence. Positive aspects are beneficial for it.