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Venus in 8th Houses

Venus in 8th Houses

The 8th house in the natal chart is considered unfavorable. Venus, responsible for love and joy, mitigates the situation, but cannot fully prove itself. Here it lives in exile, which has a bad influence on events in the person's fate. The crises in the 8th house, conflicts, and illnesses prevent the native from reaching their potential.

What does Venus in the 8th house mean? It indicates a risk-taker, a brave and determined person. They like to take chances, gamble, and like dangerous games. Extreme sports energize them. In love relationships, there may be tragedies and distress. Sex in a relationship plays a significant role. People tend to get jealous. Marriage and inheritance are possible.

When Venus is in the 8th house of a Man, it makes him choose a risky, energetic, and courageous woman. The woman with these traits often finds herself in difficult situations, while the man has to help her out. He supports her financially. And does it with joy, and selflessly. But the afflicted Venus is indicative of her ungrateful and selfish partner.

When Venus is in the 8th house effect is that a Woman has the ability to transcend obstacles. Such a woman tends to be strong-willed and inflexible. She gets a lot of help from other people, which comes in handy. Women should avoid unnecessary risks, such as speeding on a motorcycle or car. It doesn't hurt to be a little more cautious about love relations. Casual encounters with unreliable partners can have harmful consequences.

In a situation where the woman's Venus falls onto the 8th house of a man, the relationship is bright and fast-moving. But the consequence is either the man going bankrupt or the tragic love. Venus in the 8th House in Synastry speaks of fatal love, the intertwining of passion with jealousy and hate. Partners learn life lessons from these relationships, and their lives can change dramatically.

Venus in the 8th house, in conjunction with a favorable planet, promises a long and happy life. If there is a connection to an afflicted planet, it would indicate a short life of the native.