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The Moon in 8th Houses

The Moon in 8th Houses

The 8th house is an area of dangers, risks and crises. The Moon is responsible for well-being. It can make a person anxious, worried about their welfare, and cause stress. The native could remember some of the accidents with a relative that occurred during their childhood. Their job may be related to death and disease.

What does Moon in the 8th house mean for a Man? It points to enterprise, business, and commercial skills. He often gets support in matters that help him to advance in business or social activities. Jealousy and suspicion may impede harmonic relationships with women.

What if the Moon is in the 8th house of a Woman? It gives her unique charm and appeal. Even if she doesn't have some extraordinary physical appearance, she attracts attention, she fascinates. The woman is pragmatic, trying to profit from everything. She often expects and gets material support from men. Those with the Moon in the 8th house may have problems with their reproductive system and childbirth.

The governor Moon in the 8th house influences your psychic abilities. The person cares about all the unknown. They want to know everything. This position may indicate a maternal inheritance.

The transit Moon in the 8th house warns of a challenging period. There may be a lot of worries related to finance, taxes, signing documents, or creditors. At this time, money may come from the sources other than work. You might have nightmares that will leave an imprint on your mind. The passing Moon attracts all the mysterious and unexplained. Meditation and spiritual practices can have the most significant effect.

When the progressive Moon is in the 8th house, there's a risk of death of someone you care about. However, with equal frequency, it promises help from others. New sexual encounters are possible. Lunar progression is associated with life-changing events.

The Moon in the 8th House in Synastry sometimes makes you drift away from your partner. The owner of the 8th house experiences various unpleasant moments in family life. The Moon holder can help a partner overcome the fears and difficulties in marriage. They demonstrate that together it is easier to resist the blows of fate.