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Mercury in the natal chart

Mercury in the natal chart

Mercury is responsible for facts and figures, it symbolizes intellectual and intermediary activity, intellect, algorithms, processing information. What does Mercury symbolize in the natal chart? It’s about the power of the mind, verbal ability, way of thinking, and everything related to communication. It’s also about the sense of humor, all-around development, aptitude, and learning capacity.

The meaning of Mercury in the natal chart

Mercury in a birth chart indicates the areas of life where a man or a woman can apply their intelligence in the best way possible, as well as people who can become very close to you. A strong Mercury indicates graphic art or writing skills. In terms of mundane aspects, it’s about trade, mediation, topical news.

People with Mercury as a ruling planet are very sociable and easy-going. They never stop learning and constantly experience new things. At the same time, their character is quite fickle. A weak Mercury leads to possible issues with verbal expression of ideas, speech impediments, nervous system disorders. Proneness to lying and pathological stealing is possible as well.

Someone with Mercury in retrograde in their natal chart can be considered gifted. They have strong intuition and a keen mind. People like this are less sociable than those with a direct Mercury but still have no communication issues. Many famous writers have a Mercury retrograde in their birth charts.

Mercury plays a significant role in the Houses, especially in the 3rd and 11th House. People with Mercury positioned in these Houses are energetic, love meeting new people, and finding new areas of activity to apply their talents. They often derive benefits from every situation and can be considered adventurous. Mercury in the 2nd House signifies one’s ability to think out of the box. People like this are usually successful and well to do. To learn what kind of influence Mercury has in your natal chart, order a horoscope from a professional astrologer.