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Sun in the natal chart

Sun in the natal chart

The Sun in the natal chart symbolizes vital power, energy, awareness, and creativity. The Sun is the planetary ruler of the sign Leo. It’s responsible for all things related to activity, ego, authority, and health.

The Sun in the natal chart

What is the meaning of the Sun in a birth chart? On an intellectual level, it’s creative potential, willpower, inspiration, confidence. On an emotional level, it’s about the pursuance of leadership, ambition, and dignity.

A strong Sun in the natal chart symbolizes a great amount of energy, ability to overcome difficulties, courage, strength, leadership. A weak Sun, it might mean that an individual lacks confidence and struggles to make decisions, has a tendency to pessimism and depression.

In a man’s natal chart, the Sun will manifest itself strongly opening up its potential and providing manliness and strength. In a woman’s natal chart, it will symbolize the ability to defend one’s opinion. The stronger the Sun is, the more masculine traits a woman has. The Sun Conjunctions in a woman’s birth chart are quite noteworthy as well. It can give strength to some planets conjunct with it and weaken others. For example, the Sun conjunct with Venus enhances sensuality and aesthetic sensitivity and the Sun conjunct with Mercury inhibits the latter’s energy and diminishes communicative skills.

The Sun in the Houses of the horoscope allows understanding what kind of personality traits one has and which ones are the most important. When positioned in the 1st House, it symbolizes leadership, resolve, and initiative. People with the Sun in the 2nd House strive for financial security no matter what. And those with the Sun in the 12th House often lack confidence, like to be alone, and dedicate themselves to art, psychology, or esoterics.

Every planet’s position matters when you interpret a natal chart. To make sure you get a detailed interpretation, order a personal horoscope from a professional astrologer.